Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Complaint Letter to RMN

I am a big fan of AM radio so any problems will immediately get their attention.

Lately, I have focused on RMN and I have some complaints. So I wrote them this letter:

Hi Sir/Madam:

I am writing this email in frustration. I am an avid radio listener to your stations in Iloilo (DYRI) and Bacolod (DYHB) because of the interesting commentators, radio dramas and online access.

But for the past few months your stations here in Western Visayas are nothing but short on these expectations. Let me enumerate the problems:

1. Your anchormen in Iloilo City are never consistent on their shows. Bacolod City anchormen stick to their schedule from Monday to Saturday. Unfortunately, the anchormen in Iloilo City only show up Monday to Friday. Worst they might not show up on Monday for no apparent reason.

2. Your radio dramas are getting "screwed" by block timers.

3. Your online access is a SCAM, SCAM, SCAM. Your radio announcers claim that they can be listened to online but for the past months Bacolod and Iloilo stations are never online. I emailed eradioportal about the streaming and they replied that the problem is the internet connection on your end. Can't you fix that? A dumb ox can fix their internet connection.

Thank you for reading this letter. Hopefully, this frustrating letter will never go unnoticed.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Gruesome Wake Up Call to Everyone

Shock and condemnation are the initial emotions I felt when I first heard the story regarding the Ampatuan Massacre. I always thought that only terrorists who are so blinded by their belief can kill anyone without hesitation or conscience. Apparently some of the citizens in our country will gladly shoot anyone in the face with a shotgun because of money. They don't give a damn about the families of those they kill as long as they have something heavy in their pockets.

What really saddens me right now is the initial response of those in Malacañang. Instead of going after the obvious culprits, they have asked for everyone to be calm, mourn and wait for the results of proper investigation. This only means one thing: the President and anyone else who hold tight to their votes and rely on these goons are willing to delay justice just to get what they want. I know we have to mourn for the loss but we don't have to keep calm - the good people of this country believes that only swift action and arrest of the people responsible is the only solution to this problem. If this goes on for more than two weeks, the President, her party and anyone associated with the alleged and likely culprits will suffer. The people knows too much and the media will never be quite.

For the journalists and broadcasters, please protect yourselves at all times. Yes, we still need heroes who will guide us on what we have to do to make our country prosper but we want our heroes today to be alive, healthy and should live happily until they naturally die of old age. You are not a coward for running away - you simply care for your family and your country. There are still safer ways to condemn the corrupt. Remember that God will still judge them based on their actions.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Note To Journalists/Politicians: We Don't Need Dead Heroes

When I was in college, I was fortunate enough to be part of the PPCRV (Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting). Being part of the extensive seminar, I got bored of rules, laws restrictions and massive ID cards that you have to bring anywhere. But the snacks are free and there are too many great people to mingle with. So I don't mind the endless talks since everything is perpetually free and you learn so many things.

Honestly, there was only one thing I remembered during the seminar. A priest gave a short talk about the dangers and perils we might have to face during elections. I can't recall the exact detail but there was one phrase I will never forget as long as I live:

"We don't need dead heroes…"

His point is this, everyone is better off alive rather than dying for something. There is always a safer better way to convey your message without wasting your life. If you are really serious about spreading the message, you have to spread it for a very long time. Dying while trying to teach everyone about the election will do you no good.

His thoughts on heroism is quite odd, but very true. Nowadays, getting yourself killed to prove your point is not only reckless to yourself but also to your family. A person getting killed during election time can be a husband, wife or kids cared for by anyone. Dying will only place other people in trouble because you are no longer there to guide and provide the needed muscle.

This doesn't mean we will to run away and curl our tails from those who threatened our lives. We run away but resort to legal matters to end the oppression. As gloomy as it seems, there is always someone who can legally protect us and get our message across. If there is danger, run but don't stop the message - there is always another way to get your message across.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Note to Candidates: A Political Party is not a Basketball Team

First, let me quote the definition of a political party in Encyclopedia Britannica Online:

"Formal political parties originated in their modern form in Europe and the U.S. in the 19th century. Whereas mass-based parties appeal for support to the whole electorate, cadre parties aim at attracting only an active elite; most parties have features of both types. All parties develop a political program that defines their ideology and sets out the agenda they would pursue should they win elective office or gain power through extra parliamentary means"

A political is not just some groups of people coming together saying "hey, let's get more people so that they can vote for us". A political party is also not just a professional basketball team where you can just buy players with lucrative contract. A political party can be attributed to a group of people with the same ideology. They believe in the same philosophy or idea on how the country and its people can improve.

The fact that almost every candidate today is transferring to another political party scares me. Sure there are no weird political parties in our system that contradicts the ultimate goal of our country's development. But jumping from one party to another means that you do not have a core principle that will guide your decision making process. In short, if you are transferring from party to party, you simply do not have a backbone.

What's even scarier today is that we do not know the exact philosophy or ideals of the current political party. LP, NP, PMP, LAKAS-NUCD, LDP and other political parties are simply names attached to well known personalities. Aside from that fact, they are no more than basketball teams.

Political parties should make sure they are not just pushing their candidates this election, they should also push their guiding principles so that people can choose based on principles and not just on shaky personalities that handles them.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A New Sad Low for Ratings

Nothing wakes me up in the morning like bad news. Since its verrrry early in the morning, I decided to check some news on the West - well, it's still the same: recession, Fort Hood incident and Kindle for PC is apparently for US based customers only (WTF?) and Windows 7.

Our tech guys here are also excited since a few days ago, Windows 7 was officially launched in the Philippines and the Ultimate Edition is "only" 15k. I'll just stick with my XP until it's ready for the vault, thank you.

But one news has actually got my attention and courage to write this. Apparently our country is a little less corrupt! Wow! From 39th to 33rd! Now that's something to be really happy. I'll go open my half-finished Tanduay 5-Years even though it's 5.35 in the morning to celebrate.

You know the best part? The low rating is on technicality! According to Sec. Alberto Romulo, we are rated along with better countries so there's a big chance that we might not be rated well. Now that's a relief.

What I don't understand is that they are happy that they are now less corrupt. Well here's a news flash: a stolen peso is still the same to the stolen billion pesos. It's not yours. Being less corrupt still makes you a corrupt politician or person.

If they are trying to impress the people by telling us that we are less poorer (sorry English teachers), then they are doing a terrible job.

(photo from wiki commons)

Monday, November 09, 2009

"Fuel Shortage" - Classic Example Why Deregulation Sucks

Everyone is in the helping mood for the past few months because of Ondoy and Pepeng. The devastation is not just a change in the government's pocket. Billions have to be spend to rehabilitate some parts of the country not to mention the lives ruined.

Apparently, the big oil companies are exempted from helping. They fought hard against the latest presidential order. The reluctantly agreed.

Now they have a new tool to press the government to lift the price shortage - fuel shortage. I think the fuel companies are selling the fuel that was purchased on a reasonable price. The new imported fuel are still kept somewhere in the country only to be released when the ban on price increase has been lifted.

Friends, this is where we need to stand-up against oil deregulation. I used to get confused and even angry at the protesters on what the heck they talk about but this is no longer the case. Oil deregulation has to be stopped as soon as possible so that we can survive for the next few days - with fuel.

For the government - never back out on what you believe for the price ban and for Pete's sake: push to lift oil deregulation law. They will run away but competition will always get them coming back. A little sacrifice on your end will never hurt.

For the oil companies - it's strange to think that you are actually human beings. Maybe you're born ticks. I don't know. Hopefully, you'll be identified as new specie since I don't want to be associated with you anymore.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Advice to Radio Personalities - please don't become a media whore

I don't know if there are a lot of young people listening to AM radio. After all, the FM station would sometimes blurt out some news about celebrities so why bother? But I tend to shun myself from music most of the time and listen to good old talk AM stations.

But election is coming and there's a really bad trend going on in AM radio - block timers. For those who are not familiar with this programs. A block time program is a paid program which means the show is not sponsored by the radio station. The radio station is paid by the shows producer or the one who simply wants to talk on radio. They can say almost anything on radio and the radio station do not care what they say. The radio stations are paid and the commentators can blurt out anything they want. Everyone is happy - except the freakin' listeners.

These block timers are only there for two things: to praise those who hired them and attack the enemy of those who hire them. Most of these block timers are former radio personalities or public officials who has a knack to talk without anyone in front of them. They talk bad against the enemy because they were paid to talk that way. In Iloilo, the trend of block timers that attacks politicians is just starting. Personalities that are for Gov. Tupas are already in the radio stinking the airwaves. Those for Syjuco, Gonzales, Biron and Mabilog are also taking some time in the radio just to get their black propaganda across. Bacolod is already doomed with paid broadcasters for Mayor Leonardia and Congressman Puentevella.

Don't get me wrong. I love a good banter against the enemy. In fact, my favorite past time is to listen to broadcasters lash out the bad guys in the government. But these are legitimate broadcasters. They were specifically paid to tell both sides of the story and not just lash out the enemy. I still believe they are not really paid to broadcast in a bias manner because they still have some conscience left.

So please...this is an appeal to radio stations and "paid" broadcasters. Do not stir the airwaves with bad messages. The country is already in the **ithole as it is and you just made it smellier. Get off the airwaves or have your show at 2.15 to 3.15 in the morning.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Douche of the Moment: Oil Companies in the Philippines

Wow…look at these guys. Everyone is having a hard time adjusting to the natural calamities and the oil companies are the last ones to provide the much needed service. I'm in Visayas so the price hike can be a bit annoying and if I want it, I want to stop the hike (who doesn't). Mindanao is also having economic trouble even before oil deregulation was introduced. Luzon and especially NCR seemed to be having trouble as well - but since they are near the central power, they can breathe easier than the rest of us folks down here.

But typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng have virtually downed most of Luzon for a few days and will continue to do so for a few months. You've seen acts of heroisms from unknown individuals, celebrities (I don't like them but) and other organizations. They are doing everything they can to help. The oil firms on the other hand are thinking of their losses when they do not freeze the prices of their fuel. Wow. A market lady who earns only 300-500 a day can still implement price freeze in response to the devastation but the million-dollar (with an $) companies are not going to life one finger.

Sure, they still have other activities to help the poor. But instead of asking for a price cut, why not do something beneficial to the folks at Luzon and do a TEMPORARY FREEZE ON RATES. You know what's the keyword there? Temporary. That means it's not permanent.


Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Some Tidbits on the Local Elections in 2010

I will be voting for the first time in another town - specifically in the city. I'm sad that I have to leave my hometown to vote in the city but excited since this is the first time the automated voting process will be used.

Anyway, what I'm also riled up is that the local election here in Iloilo City is heating up. As of this writing, Mayor Jerry Treñas has just announced his bid to run for Mayor. This means he will be running against Raul Gonzales, Jr. - the son of former Justice Secretary Raul Gonzales, Sr. who I believe will be running for mayor. Rumor has it that the Sr's wife will also run for congress through party list. Talk about legacy.

Anyway, Vice Mayor Jed Mabilog has already announced his bid for the Mayor position. This means he will be running against the former Justice Secretary. For an outsider, this might be a one-sided race but believe me; Jed Mabilog is like a rock star here. He is a blend of traditional politician but can entice the crowd more than Michael Buffer.

But the best part is that no one is affiliated with anything yet. There are other players: Former Mayor Malabor, Undersecretary (what's his name?), Dr. Plagata, Councilor Baronda and even Councilor Perla Zulueta. Everyone is playing the waiting game. The mud slinging has not started yet (at least on Mayor Treñas) but I think come December, things will get nasty. But it should be fun for everyone to hear.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Bad Move, Smart Move, Dumb Move for the Philippine Elections

Presidential hopefuls are doing everything that they can to one-up each other and draw the attention and care of the voters. They announce their political affiliations, plans and or simply go through an activity to get the attention of everyone.

But doing something for your political gain is not always seen as a good move. Although your intentions are good, the people might see it as a stunt which means it will only hurt your career.

Now for the list:

Bad Move: Chiz Escudero - I always like the guy because of his feisty criticism of the President. I always listen to his interviews because of his straightforward answer. Heck, many (including me) are considering him a strong candidate even though he's just 40 years old!

But his numbers are lately going down largely because of Erap in the picture, Noynoy having that "Obama" phenomenon, Villar spending like rockstar and Teodoro having the backing of the system (hehehe). As a young man facing all these challenges what can he do? Unfortunately, he opted to bolt out from the platform that helped him succeed: his political party.

Tip: You stay in your party Sir because people still care about loyalty.

Smart (and Scary) Move: I say scary because I've seen this before. Secretary Teodoro, amidst this brouhaha in Philippine politics is as calm as the morning cooking oil. He also has commercials on radio and television but the volume is not that much that he can be beaten by Secretary Puno (and he claims they do things in silence).

What made me choose the guy for the smart category is the fact that he uses the "Karambola" technique: Let everyone duke it out and stay aside because everyone will die in the process and you become the survivor.

The scary part: he has the President at his side and has the Ramos pre-election vibe.

(Rumored) Dumb Move: Senator Villar courting celebrities as Vice President. I was about to place the guy in a pedestal for the dumb move of choosing a celebrity. Fortunately, latest rumor is that he might end up with Loren Legarda as the VP.

Tip: Sir, No matter what happens, don't go for celebrities. You already knew what happened last elections.

A Lot of Politics During Halloween

Politics will always be part of the way of life of the Philippines. With the 2010 Elections coming, it's hard to ignore the political side of everything the politician does from November 1 and November 2.

Here are some tidbits:

Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III - believed by many as the next president, his visit to the tomb of his mom and dad is nearly star studded. People did not only came to the cemetery to visit the two Aquino heroes but also a presidential candidate.

The Syjucos - this story is a bit local so forgive me readers. I heard in the radio that the couple are distributing candles with their name on it. It's a creepy way to remind voters on how their tax money is spent. There are also those who claimed that their current arch-rival in their district (Mayor Gorriceta) is also doing the same thing.

Of course, I've seen a lot of politicians in the cemetery. I was in Villa, Molo, Mandurriao and Forest Lake. So I've seen pretty much everything. I'll have a seperate blog on that. Stay tuned :)

Monday, November 02, 2009

Midnight Madness (DZMM DZRH and DWIZ)

Midnight Madness

I don't sleep well during the night which works wonders for my small office work and my ability to gather news. Thanks to the internet, I can gather as many news as I can not only in text but also in audio. Radio stations in the Philippines are now offering live audio streaming of their shows to attract more listeners outside the country.

The following are good stations that will keep you company during the night:

DZMM (630) - the official AM station of ABS-CBN. This station is home of the most popular broadcasters in the country and they don't joke around when it comes to selecting people for night shift. Midnight during weekdays features Amy Peres (is it Perez?) (he actress) wherein she plays songs and provides messanges good for the heart. The show is followed by the same format but hosted by a guy.

DZRH - this is the first midnight station that I love to listen to. When midnight strikes, the feisty Dating Daan program lasts for one hour. You can listen to "vintage" Eli Soriano duke it out to answer every question imaginable on the bible. After the "Dating Daan" the legendary Manny Val will be the master of the show from 2AM to 4AM. This show is very informative because he holds debates, takes DBK (Digital Bolang Kristal) on certain days and provide commentaries on the government.

DWIZ (882) - I stumbled upon the show of Percy Lapid (Lapid Fire) one night. While looking for a station to listen, I accidentally heard someone shouting and swearing like a sailor. From that time on, I was hooked. His show now lasts for an hour and a half because of popular demand. Every Monday morning he also invite his friends over for music jamming. After his show, Direk Anthony Taylor provides music and "vibes" for the caller.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

DENR: Watch Out, Your Souls and Your Body is in Danger

I just heard the news that the DENR has already authorized mining companies to explore some (read mostly) areas in Guimaras. This is an utter disregard for nature, livelihood and human life. According to what I heard, nearly 1/3 of the island will be under exploration by mining companies. These companies are not even based in Visayas but somewhere in Metro Manila. I hope the storm signal #2 will wipe them in smithereens.

Before I continue, let me tell you about exploration. It's not mining per se but close. When they say they'll simply "explore" they will dig holes to look for possible minerals they can use. When there's mineral to be found - they will mine with gusto. That means they will practically place a hole in the highly sensitive island. Guimaras is just a small island and any drastic change will literally destroy the island.

Apparently, you just have to appease the higher authorities to mine any area in the country. This is very sad because I just wanted to have a fence in my front yard and I need to talk to the Brgy. Captain about this. The mining companies? No Siree, they can just get anyone in DENR to sign and they are clear to do whatever they want. Governor Nava can only beg for mercy regarding the exploration. I was partly smiling when the reporter urged the local people to do drastic and nearly fatal actions just to stop these people. This makes sense because the mining companies are protected by the STUPID STUPID LAWS OF THE LAND REGARDING MINING.

There are two people who will definitely burn in hell for this fiasco. Sorry, but if millions of Guimarasnons will suffer because of mining, this will be YOUR FAULT.

* DENR Secretary Lito Atienza - Sir, this is practically a pleading from the people in the Visayas. Stop the mining in a very small island that will have no bearing to them. Remember what I say THEY - the local people of Guimaras will never earn anything. Jobs? What Jobs? The danger of mining is not worth the money you give them. Guimarasnons are content with their nature and doing the best on their own to improve. Drilling a hole in the ground will disrupt and end their source of clean water, source of food and lives.

* The Regional Director of DENR in Region 6 - Sir, having allowed these people to destroy such as a small and sensitive island is not just a sin against the people but a sin against God. I hope you have a religion that believes in Karma because bad things happen to bad people...'nuff said.

For the people of Guimaras, my prayers are with you...now if we can just stop mining in the Northern part of Iloilo everything would be better.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Yanggaw and Wanted: Boarders

One of the hottest indie film today is title "Yanggaw"." For many Ilonggos, the story is just too real: a story on how a person can end up with the curse in his or her body. I haven't watched it yet but I have heard enough stories about ghosts and goblins. As an Ilonggo, this story is just another story - but a terrifying one because it can happen in my neighborhood.

Another Ilonggo movie is coming out and I just saw the trailer. Titled "Wanted: Boarder" the film is starred by Rosanna Roces and it was filmed right here in Iloilo: Guimbal and Miag-ao. For those who haven't been in these towns, these are among the most popular towns in the South simply because of its rich history. Miag-ao stands the most because of the historic church that's a UNESCO heritage site.

It's a bit strange to think that the next Ilonggo movie is another story about "aswangs." But when a person says he or she is from Iloilo, the idea of "Dueñas" and "Dumangas" comes to mind. Our popularity is not the same as Capiz but these towns are known to be scary. I have also heard stories about these towns and I can assure you - "Yanggaw and Wanted: Boarder" is just a tip of the iceberg.

I don't mean to scare you. What I really want to emphasize is that the rich storytelling tradition in my town is still alive. The stories on how my grandmother and great grandmother and father survived in our small town is still in me. There are also countless stories of "experience" told by many men that seemed to validate the existence of such individuals.

If you ask me, I don't know if they are true or not true...but I got to tell you - a story told often is often a story that should not be forgotten.

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 16, 2009

People who needs to shut-up this week:

I am starting a habit – I'll be carefully monitoring the news and events again so that I can give my weekly address of asking people to shut up.


Without much ado: here are the men (and women) who needs to shut up.


  1. Energy Secretary Angelo Reyes – first up is our venerable energy secretary. I used to love secretaries because of the crazy fantasies I have but as soon as I realize that these are the popular secretaries in the country, I soon ran after my pockets. The energy secretary is the premier defender of oil price hike. Don't think that he is against oil price hike because he does so many things to push them. Case in point: no price ceiling for fuel even with the typhoon. Why? Oil Deregulation Law. Bam! Thank You!!!
  2. Congress – I don't know most of these guys but thinking about the Congress for more than an hour can make my head hurt. This week, they approved a whopping 1.54 Trillion budget for next year. Wow! Everyone is thinking about coping up this year and they already have the budget for next year's election. Good for them, now bring them all here and distribute it on Election Day on envelopes. If I'm not mistaken, someone in the Congress asked for 12 Billion in relief funds. Now that's another money for every. Look at their beaming smile above.
  3. NDCC/Defense Secretary Gilberto Teodoro, Jr – I don't know if I'm going to be angry to this guy but NDCC and the Armed Forces is such a mess these days you don't know where to start complaining. 'Nuff said.
  4. DILG Secretary Ronaldo V. Puno – another secretary which means I'm having a nightmare tonight about secretaries. Sir, I can hear and see your commercials on TV. On Radio, you say that your group is working without saying anything. But that kinda contradicts what you do since you just proclaim to everyone what you just did. It's like promising not eat any chocolate anymore while chewing on one.

I don't know what will happen next week. But let's just get our eyes and ears peeled for something.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Po-po-po-po-po-po-po-po-po-poker room

The zoning comittee is thinking of approving the application of a business to set up a poker room in Boardwalk. They say it's going to be mostly exclusive since there will be a fee to join. It's going to be a very recluse set-up which means no one will notice it's there except maybe for the sign.

I think this should not be considered an improvement to the city. You can consider the poker room as the "gateway drug" as this will be the door for other gambling establishments in the city. First we already have STL (Small Town Lottery) and Lotto. Poker Room is an gambling establishment. I hate to say this but guys...poker is not a game of science where you study a person. A mahjong, tong its, lucky 9, player also does the same technique to win games and they are considered gambling and debilitating.

When the poker room is established, more things will come. Casinos can argue that they be allowed and other gambling establishments will be here before we know it.

I know its good for the government because of the taxes but c'mon. Since when did you care about the taxes that goes to the government. They can't even fix a single thing in the city. A small poker room will not make any miracles.

Watch out Iloilo! Your doom is here. Maybe I'll change my mind if Lady Gaga would make an appearance :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Three in 24 Hours

Iloilo city is in big trouble. If you have a car, you are part of the high profile target of "Bukas Kotse Gang". As of this writing, three cars have been victimized - one of them even lost 600,000. It's a very sad situation for the guy. He might be a bit rich but no one should be robbed with the money he earned.

This is a big challenge for the Iloilo City government. There are too many problems the city is already facing and they are all "semi" man-made. Heavy traffic, congestion, too many water everywhere and politics. With robbery, the problem is made by a human. These guys really wanted to inflict trouble to people.

What can we do? We have to be vigilant. I don't have a car but I feel the pain - my mountain bike was stolen once. Don't just leave your car with your valuables.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

What's Happening in Iloilo City?

I have been wandering in the city for the past few days. Everywhere there's water. No, not that there's no water in the city but the streets are flooded more than ever. I should never complain about this because in Luzon, things are actually pretty worse. But c'mon, I have seen water where I should not suppose to see. For the first time in my life, I think Iloilo City or even Panay is slowly becoming the next Atlantis. I just hope Spongebob could be my neighbor. That could be fun.

Anyway, I have some theories why all the water is already in most streets in the city:

* The water is rising - the ice is melting so the water is rising. This is scary since Iloilo city could be underwater in a few decades if you follow the rapid rise of water.

* The drainage system doesn't work - a more probable theory since I've seen the drainage system and it's not good. Aside from clogging, no one seems interested in taking care of this precious system.

* The flood control program is not yet completed - this begs the question: when will this be completed? C'mon, I don't want my kid to be the only beneficiary of a great city.

* Global warming - Ice melts, water rises, period.

* Not enough trees - after the drainage theory, this is another theory I believe. Why? Because I saw how we destroy our forests and it's scary.

* PGMA - yep, blame everything to the president. hehehe :)

For now, I'll be saving money for life boats and even a jetski if I win in lotto - as long as the lotto outlet is not flooded, it's ok.

Blogging from Email

Thank God, Blogger.com has finally launched email through blogging. I am a little bit behind on my blogs and I just learned about this feature. But now, I can just write anything that crosses my mind.

Hulat lang. Damo pa ako madugang. Hala Bira Iloilo!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Blog!!! (Papelcasting)

Mayong (fill in the blanks). May gina ubra ako subong nga gamay nga literary experiment.

Ginatawag ko ini nga "Paplcasting". Isa ini ka kombinasyon sang papel can broadcasting. Ginkuha ko ang idea sa "podcasting". Imbes nga sa .mp3 akon format, sa .jpg ako ma format.

Palihog bisita para nami. Heheh komentar para nami pa gid.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

How PETA Ruined My Evening

I was lazily staring at my laptop when my mom shouted "get in front of the TV, they're featuring rabbits". I stopped what I was doing (or staring at) and switched on my TV in my room.

Jessica Soho was narrating the opportunity the country has in rabbits. They are great source of meat (only 150/kilo), tastes a lot like native chicken and they never thought of adapting any family planning of some sort. It's a great source of meat because they can be available at almost anytime. There's a town in Mindanao that uses rabbit instead of chicken because it's less expensive and easy to propagate. Rabbit skin is even great for a wallet.

I liked the segment but then a note came out...PETA is against slaughtering of rabbits!!! They said animals should not be sacrificed for the sake of us humans. Wow. I was disappointed and that thought was enough to destroy my evening. Thanks PETA, I owe you one.

I always like the idea of PETA. Stop killing animals. I thought their reason was that they animals should be preserved and when the need arises, should be killed in a very humane way. But noooo...I was wrong. Animals should never be killed no matter what. I thought the "humane" fly catcher PETA sent to President Obama was ridiculous...and it still is.

Let me give you as simple argument why PETA has got it all wrong. I'm all for human treatment of animals. I have five turtles that I rescued from their crazy owners because they are tied up without food. That's my share of trying to help the world. For the mosquitoes however, I have no second thoughts of swatting them. How can I be humane for mosquitoes? Tell them not to bite me? **** *** (expletives, figure it out).

Going back to the rabbits, I like what the good pastor did to make the rice porridge (arroz caldo) taste better – spike it with rabbit. Everyone liked it and the feeding program is a success. Now, if PETA tells me that rabbit should not be included in the porridge, they should try eating porridge with salt everyday. When I was in elementary, I forced myself to eat "Burgur Wheat" or whatever they call it. The abomination is practically brown rice with peas! It doesn't taste anything without sugar or salt. If they could have spiked it with chicken or pork, I could have been transformed from skinny to obese when I finished my elementary years.

Please PETA, before you tell people not to eat anything be sure they have options because us Filipino people doesn’t have a lot of options in terms of food. Don't tell me "it's the government’s problem" yeah, **** ** **** (expletives). I know how you've been violent on celebrities who tried to wear fur. Maybe you're right in there. But try to be violent in front of our brothers in Mindanao who can't have chicken because they're too expensive. Let's see how you courage could fare with their warrior-like courage.

Again...I would like to thank PETA for ruining my Saturday night. Hopefully, I could return the favor by ruin your one of your nights.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

So How Would You Rate “Iboto Mo Patrol Mo, Ako ang Simula”

Kada eleksyon, kada istasyon sa telebesyon, radyo kag newspaper may ara nga programa. Mangita sila sang mga gusto mag ubra sa ila nga libre para may mabalita. Isa man ini ka pama agi para mabuligan bantay ang eleksyon. Ang mga kabataan nga ga intra, may makuha man sila bangod sadya ang eksperyensya. Kon sa ingles pa “win-win situation” ang istasyon sa radyo kag TV may libre nga tawo kag ang mga kabataan o tanan nga maubra, mayo ang eksperyensa.

Ang ABS-CBN may ara sila programa nga “Iboto Mo Patrol Mo, Ako ang Simula” Ang ila ginapang hagad mga kabataan kay sila ang ma-ayo sa text, camera kag gamit kompyuter. Bangod sang teknolohiya, makahatag sila sang impormasyon nga wala sang pugong pugong. Kon may problema, sigurado makabulit sila.

Halos kada adlaw makita mo ila nga balita parti sa ila nga programa. Nami. Damo tawo. Kon domingo may ara man sila nga daw dokumentaryo parti sa ila nga programa. Ok lang kay ginapakita nila ang mga kabataan nga gusto gid magbulig.

PERO…may daku gid nga PERO…

Kon lantawon mo sa telebisyon ang kalabanan nga ga intra, mga kabataan nga may mahatag. Sa ila pasayod damo makita mo nga may camera, computer kag damo, damo mabulig.

Kag ang ila bulig sa siyudad lang...liwaton ko…sa siyudad lang.

Kon lantawon mo, ang tinonto sa eleksyon wala nagakatabo sa siyudad. Ay, dali lang…sa siyudad, indi dali makita kag madakpan ang tinonto sa eleksyon. Ang nagapadalagan bal an nila nga damo gabantay sa ila. Amo na nga wala sila gapakita tinonto nila.

Sa siyudad, bisan sin o pa na dira hambalon mo nga mabantay…may ara man gihapon nga ma-alam. Indi lang ang manugbantay ang naga preparer…ang mga manugsalakay man.

Pero sa mga banwa, ang tinonto tama ka kit anon. Dumduman ko sang ulihi nga eleksyon lipay-lipay gid mga paka-isa ko kag katiyuan kay may kwarta sila. Kay sin-o naghalin? Siyempre sa nagapadalagan. Grabe ang ugtas ni tatay…ako daw nanugunan. Sugod sa amo to nga eleksyon, kwarta na ang tanan…kag bangod nahadlok ako kay tatay, indi gid ako makakuha. (Happy Father’s Day Tay)

Kon gusto gid man sang ABS-CBN nga magbulig sa eleksyon. Kadto sila sa malayo sa siyudad. Ang mga tawo sa siyudad ma-alam na kag ang mga malain sa siyudad, mas demonyo nag id nga indi madakpan (o tama ka kusog). Pero sa mga banwa, may mahimo pa. Pwede mapunggan, pwede madakpan.

Indi lang ang siyudad dapat buligan…tanan nagakinahanglan.

Please note that I'm not against ABS-CBN nor I'm for their competitors (GMA, ABC5, CS9, NBN etc).

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ang Pagtratar Sang Gobyerno Basi sa Manggaranon Lang

Been really busy working...but here's my blog in Ilonggo. I wrote this letter to RMN Iloilo. Hopefully, they will read it.

Mga sobra na duha ka semana naglupok ang iskandalo sa video ni Dr. Kho kag ni Ms. Halili. Sa una nga adlaw gapanumdum ka nga kalulouy gid man si Ms. Halili kag ang iban nga mga babayi nga gin into ni Dr. Kho. Tani ang may sala madakpan kag indi na ini maliwat pa.

Nami tani ang gusto matabo sang mga artista kag senador nga artista man. Pero ang ila pag tumod sini tama na gid ka ulihi kag isa lang ka pagpakita nga ang ila gusto protektahan ang ila kaugalingon lamang. Sa una naluoy ako sa kay Ms. Halili pero bag o natabo ang iskandalo sa iya sigurado ako nga daw wala gid siya may ginpanumdum sa na biktima sang una. Subong, ang mga artista daw manginmatay tulod sang layi bangod natabo na sa ila.

Kag ang gobyerno nanamian man magpamati sa ila...bangod may ngalan sila.

Dumduman ko naman ang kaluluoy nga bata sa kalahunan, mandurriao nga gin lugos kag ginpatay wala pa may isa ka tuig. Wala gid may gin ubra ang konseho parti sadto kundi magpasuga lang sang dalan. pero sang may turista nga ginpatay, gapatay patay man sila pabutang sang CCTV sa mga hotel. Indi ini sa pagkondena sa pagbulig sa ginpatay pero ini pag kondena sa wala pag bulig sa kalulouy nga bata. Wala man may naubra para mapunggan ang natabo sa kalahunan.

Panumdumon naton nga wala kita ginahukman sang Diyos bangod may naubra kita sa aton pareho estado pero ginahukman kita kon pano naton tratuhon ang mas imol sa aton.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

People Who Need to Shut Up Now

Below is the list of people that should not be saying anything at all. Every time they speak, it always spells trouble for the country or just plain annoying. If you don’t agree, add more people through your comments.

  • Prospero Nograles – I don’t want to sound like a suspecting jerk but I know when I see conspiracy when I see one. This guy will definitely suck the country’s sap dry of its resources. Not only will he sell the country to the current president but to foreigners as well. His “fourth way” of changing the constitution should get everyone scared. I hope his soul will be touched by an angel…or at least clogged by too much fat.
  • Ralph Recto – the current NEDA chief is also another scary politician. The wife of Vilma Santos is the one responsible for eVAT. Because of the guy, we have to pay 12% for everything we have to purchase and earn. Now, he is saying that we are paying too much for gas but it’s just a pretext so that he will be a hero. Remember folks, he is the reason why we have to spend more and earn less.
  • Nonito Doniare – poor guy, he’s currently one of my favorite boxer. A smart IBF champion who can conveniently adjust from orthodox to being right handed in a snap. But my respect to him went down when he went on national television crying because his parents separated. Boo-hoo Sir. These problems should be handled at home with your dad. His soon to be opponents should feel tougher by now.
  • Korina Sanchez and Mar Roxas – Wow. I can’t believe the timing of these love birds. They announced their engagement a year before Roxas’ run for presidency. We know they are good to be married soon but they don’t have to use the national television for attention.

So please guys…shut up!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Mud Slinging in Bacolod City

I'm not from Bacolod City but I am living in the 5th district of Iloilo. From where I live, the reception of Iloilo city radio stations are not as powerful compared to Roxas and Bacolod City radio stations. As a result, most of my news comes from these cities.

The news right now in Bacolod CIty is the mud slinging between the current city mayor (Leonardia) and the congressman (Puentevella). The mud slinging have been going on since the last election. These politicians are aiming to become the next Bacolod City mayor. Puentevella wants to be back as mayor and Leonardia wants to be back as mayor as well.

Each of these politicians seemed to hire radio personalities to support them. You can even hear some of them on TV which sucks since they cover the airtime for my favorite cartoons in the morning. Frank, get out of my cartoon time in CS9 and concentrate on radio. No one is watching except the kids.

The beef of those who attack Leonardia is this: the newly built city center is over priced. The table of the city mayor is more than PHP 200,000.

The beef of those who attack Puentevella is this: he has been in position for years but have done almost nothing except to attack the mayor.His proposed heart, lung and kidney center is almost non-existent.

I have never seen such vicious attacks. Even the war of Tupas and Suplico could not measure to the attacks. Block timers in any station in Bacolod city have been going on for years and the topic is the same: one of these guys are not good.

Who are the losers? The people of Bacolod City and the Negros. Instead of focusing on crime and poverty, they all debate on who is wrong and right. The call center industry is getting really big in Bacolod but they cannot protect the employees. Peopel are getting stabbed, robbed and killed but nothing since politics has been the focus since year the 2007 elections.

I love to listen a good mud sling but too much of a good thing is nauseating. Stop it!!!

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Proposal to Save the Filipino Movie Industry

The latest fiasco in X-Men Origins: Wolverine has only proven that leakage and piracy go hand in hand. The leaked movie is already being sold in streets. You'll be able to get one fast.

This reminds me of the pressing problem in piracy and the dying Philippine movie industry. I've been thinking about this for a very long time and here are my proposals:

1. Instead of one movie - place two or three movies. The commentary, special features and trailers are not really appreciated here in the Philippines. We love movies but we don't want to be fanatics for a single movie.

2. The price - I've seen original DVD's for 150 now in Iloilo city (Hellboy and 40-Year Old Virgin). That's already a great start. If you keep that price and have two movies instead of one, you'll be able to save the industry.

3. Produce or Remaster the Classics - more movies from the great Filipino actors of the past. If they agressively sell the old movies of Dolphy, FPJ, Ramon Revilla, Nora Aunor, Vilma Santos and even Lito Lapid, it can attract more buyers and spike the movie industry.

4. Try to minimize the soap operas - the main reason people are tired of the Filipino movies is that they have seen too much of it. Everyday my mom watches three hours a day of this **it. If that sopa operas are limited to an hour, I'm sure Filipinos will be wanting for more and the movies is the great avenue.

5. Don't Hire Actors in Optical Media Board - I hate to say this but I don't think actors can handle this position. Yes they are familiar with piracy but they are too busy on thier careers that they can't do anything. Let this be handled by people who hates the movies. Let this be their personal vendetta against those who are stuck in front of their television.

Piracy may not be completely eradicated but it could be controlled.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Reflections for Lent '09

Today is Holy Wednesday...time to reflect.

When I was young, I was one of those guys who end up in a totally different place to spend my Lenten season. I was never with my family.

Today, since I'm almost out of work I stay with my family and I'm loving every minute of it. But this experience is highlighted this season.

Since I started staying at home, Nanay (who has retired from her teaching job more than 2 years) has started caring for me. Hehehe. Quite mushy but true. I'm now the official taster of food at home especially during lunch time. Tatay has become the foreman, architect and engineer of my house that's about to be finished. My brother and sister have also been there to support my whims.

In gist, I have become the youngest kid in the house in terms of behavior (my sister is the youngest). All I do is eat, sleep, listen to radio and face my laptop for hours (Sorry TV, you're not that alluring).

This lenten season has made me think: of all the brouhahas I've been doing since I was very young didn't really matter. I made my family proud and frustrated about my a couple of times but we've been there...everyone's been there. But whatever you do with your family, it's always important to go back to your roots. It will make you stronger, think faster and a lot more confident because you are in a safe place.

This is my personal message I got from God. This lenten season, He is now reminding us that He is doing everythig so that we could be stronger and more confident. It doesn't really matter who we are as long as we do our best. Confidence is the key to everything and you have God as your #1 cheerleader.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Letter to Mr. Percy Lapid

Here's my Letter to Mr. Percy Lapid. A great radio personality in DWIZ. I'm always listening to him from my place here from 12mn to 1am.

But he crossed the line. I'm still listening to him but I sent him a letter...read on...

Hi Mr. Lapid,

My Name is Ryan Dawn Umaday. I am not listening from outside the
country but here in the Philippines. I am listening from San Rafael,
Iloilo - a very small town in Northern Iloilo.

I would like to react on your statement today. You said "Pabrika ng mga alila".

This is very discouraging to us Filipinos. Instead of being bitter
about the politicians and blaming them for the statement of the
Chinese journalist. Blame the Chinese national for being so baised and
racist. What you just said is called "reverse racism". Instead of
being patronizing Filipinos, you are going against every Filipino,
especially the OFWs are fighting for - providing us here Filipinos a
better life.

I'm sure you know a lot of people working outside the country. On my
end, I know a lot of people working outside the country. My first
cousin is an Engineer of one of the biggest oil refinery in the world
and my uncle is also a civil engineer in Dubai. I don't think they are
"alila" as you said. And don't think that I am defending them because
I need their financial support - I am more than capable of supporting
myself financially.

We are a proud nation. Don't bring us down through your degrading
comments. I love your show but you crossed the line there.

I dare you to write to the publishers of the Chinese magazine to
defend the writer on calling us "nation of servants."

I'm also posting this email on my blog.

Ryan Dawn Umadhay
San Rafael, Iloilo

Update: Mr. Lapid replied to my email that he will post my letter on his two columns on Police Files Tonight and Hataw...you can read the online copy here.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Why Iloilo City is Doomed

Before I start my rant, let me tell you that I am an Ilonggo. I've been staying in the city longer than I stayed in the town where I was born. So it is with a broken heart that I write this. If I say City I mean the districts found in the city. Provincial towns in Iloilo are not included.

Iloilo City used to be a bustling town....everything was just a ride away and everything was affordable.

But those memories are long gone. Iloilo City is in the hole with very littel chance of going up. Except for the Dinagyang (which is highly commercialized) not one thing is good in Iloilo.

While I'm writing this, I just heard the news of a teen was gang raped, killed and thrown in Calajunan dumpsite. The kid was said to be a garbage collector and just went to a Saturday night dance in the nearby Barrio in So-oc with her boyfriend. Apparently, her boyfriend and her friends have other idea.

This is a very sad and disturbing news. If people in the city could do this how can the city be called safe? If you find yourself outside your house in Iloilo City after 9 p.m., watch out. If you go to Smallville, you could be a victim of drive by shooting which coudl happen anytime.

What makes me even more furious this is the city government's reaction. I know thier smart but I think they don't have a soul.


A girl was just gang raped and brutally murdered and all you could talk is your beef with LTO? Why is there no outrage? Why is there no drastic laws? Why is there no assistance to the family? I bet that the 30-minutes worth of work of ANY city councilors is already a day's worth of work of the ENTIRE family of the victim.

With regards to LTO. My take is that the LTO should have the final say on this. The arguement posted by Mr. Plagata is not just enough. There is already an agreement with the DILG and the LTO on who handles the TOP. Why can't the city follow the agreement of thier superiors?

Mr. Plagata's defence could be divided into two parts:

1) They already have the city ordinance since 1992. Yep, the first to create the law is correct. Maybe if someone created a law stating that anyone wears red on a Friday in June 1898 will be hanged to death will still be observed here in Iloilo City.

2) Mandaluyong already have an MOA that allows them to sieze the driver's license. Wow. One point: YOU DON'T HAVE AN MOA!!! ALL YOU HAVE IS AN ORDINANCE!!! Besides, no one follows most of city ordinances. Remember the ban on public smoking? Remember the ordinance against jaywalking? Remember the ban against public helmet? Yes, the latest ordinance did have some effect but I still see people going around the city AT NIGHT without any helmets.

There's a dead girl and they are fighting about their rights. Sheesh.

Monday, February 09, 2009

How GMA and ABS-CBN Can Destroy the Philippines

You may have already seen the effects of Television to Kids...hours and hours of being in front of Television could get your kid out of their better life. They could have studied, ran around in play and making friends. They are instead stuck in the tube because there are too many things to watch.

Let me specify two stations: ABS-CBN and GMA. These two television giants are campaigning hard to be the best in the country. I don't have qualms in what they do to boost their ratings but in doing so, they are destroying our country and most especially the young ones.

I found this out throught the most disturbing answer I recieved. I was complaining that the stories in the telenovelas (the nightly shows that starts at 7.30 and ends in God knows when) are too cheesy. The answer I had was "they are geared specifically for kids." That's where I realize that these networks are out to destroy our future.

Aside from being cheesy (and maybe I'm wrong but they are a bit recycled), the shows run only for 30 minutes. The kids only have the ability to focus on a show for this much. Don't believe me? Try getting your kids to watch a full length film and see if they don't buldge. 30 minutes is enough to get the kids glued from one show to the other.

Because these shows run from Monday to Friday, the kids will not have time to interact with the family, eat together and even do their homework. If they do their homework, they do it in front of the tube which will take up their concentration.

If these networks do care about the future of our country, move the shows a LATER. Start from 9pm or even 10pm. Kids will be asleep by then. Instead of these crazy (and probably recycled) stories, get more news and analysis of the events instead.

And for the rest of the networks, don't you dare make telenovelas of your own. We have more than enough distraction our kids could handle.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

New Defense Against Inquiry: Crying

Ah...those good old days where the congress' work is just to pass laws and argue about it. In other countries, you could even see them hurling chairs because they are not in agreement with each other.

But the Philippines is different. The congress doesn't want to argue on more important laws. All they want is to attend congressional hearings so that they could be seen on TV.

And the news just might get better. The congressional hearings just turned out to be one hell of a drama...

You see, one of the guys that was subject to a hearing (I forgot his name, I'm still waiting for his TV contract) did something remarkable to prevent inquiry: he cried. After crying, everyone in the congress was up against the World Bank for banning those companies.

All he does is cry and the entire congress rallied behind him against the World Bank - even though most of our funds in the country today came from the trusty bank.

I have two messages - for the Congress and for the World Bank

Congress: Stop being a baby!

World Bank: Please, black list as many companies as you can. Seven could probably be .000000000001% of the companies who is into corrupt practices.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dinagyang Review from the Radio

I'm not a big fan of television. I only watch for three major reasons:

1. If I see someone get beaten up;
2. If something or someone is funny on TV; or
3. Something scary is on TV.

That is why for my Dinagyang experience, I opted to listen to the radio instead of watching them live on television. I opted to let my imaginations fly on what the radio has to say.

I listened to three radio stations - Bombo Radyo Iloilo, Akson Radyo Iloilo and RMN Illoilo.

I liked what I heard on these radio stations except the one from Bombo. Sorry guys, but if you wanted to get people excited about the competition, don't get some critics who all they do is ask what is the meaning of the movements, the costume and the colors of their costumer. Instead of showing to the world how creative we are, we just shown to the world that we are logical thinkers. Although the lady commentator is very enthusiastic, their guest commentators are a major letdown.

Aksyon Radyo and RMN on the other hand described the Dinagyang events that made me think I was there. Sure I'm a little bit color confused (not blind) but the excitement on the commentators voices are there.

I'm not really about the radio station wars in Iloilo. I listen to these stations everyday since each of them has interesting programs that should be listened into. But please, when we are celebrating something, let the whole world know that we are excited with what we see.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama's Speech - Beyond the Hype

Obama really lived up to his reputation as a good orator. Event though I have a problem with attention, I was able to catch up somethings. The phrase I really remembered was this:

"We extend our hands not because of charity but because of common goal."

My take on Obama's presidency will practically be on these words. He could become a great leader and will be able to take care of the economy without having to spend unnecessary tax payer's money. USA will still be aggressive in its assitance in other countries but will always have to think through on what they can do.

But he also challenges everyone to sacrifice a littel bit for the common good. Everyone was a little bit selfish for sometime (I'm looking at you Big Three) but everyone has to rally back to something better. Time for the Big Three to come up with better cars with better designs and not just the muscle cars.

After eight years, USA finally has a president who could really speak. Sorry former Pres. George W. Bush, it's really not that good everytime you speak.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tips to Survive Dinagyang

Dinagyang is Coming!!!

Although Dinagyang is a fun activity for the weekend, it is also very dangerous not only for foreigners but also for locals.

So if you're coming to Dinagyang, here are some crazy safety tips:

1. Buy a cheap mobile phone. Yep, the first tip is to buy a phone. If you do have some extra cash, get the cheapest phone you can get. The cheapest I saw is only PHP650. Use this for texting, calling and others.

2. Buy a landline prepaid. PLDT has a prepaid SIM card for landline which only costs PHP50 but already bundled with 25 pesos worth of calls - around 12 minutes of landline use. This should be more than enough to call for help or just call someone at home to ensure you're safe.

3. Bring lots of coins. If you're not at ease (or any money) to bring to Dinagyang. At least bring coins. There are phone booths around the city you can use in case of emergency.

4. Remember this number: 166

5. When drinking in the streets (which you will), look around before sitting down. This will give you an awareness on whose already drunk and dangerous.

6. If you're itching to bring your digital camera, make sure it stays in front of you and strapped in your neck. Your camera will only be snatched if you're strangled to death which will never happen in the middle of the street.

That's it. Have fun in Dinagyang. I know I will.

Human Rights Commission in the Philippines - Bunch of Pansies

Human Rights should be made available for everyone.

But abusing your "Human Rights" for crazy motives is really bad.

Here are some cases:

Case #1: A group of people beat up a guy who they "suspected" (read: caught) snatching. He clamors for justice since he has the "right" to be tried in a court. Yep, Human Rights Comission will come scrambling to help him. On the other hand, the poor woman whose bag was snatched can't even be provided with a lawyer to persecute the "suspect." The guy goes free and goes back to snatching.

Case #2: Random drug tests for students. Alert for HRC - most schools today are already requiring students to undergo drug tests. Setting one in random will even save the community, the school's reputation and more importantly, the students. This is not a matter of privacy, it's a matter of security.

The HRC is just another way of telling people to get away with stuff and invoke their "Human Rights" and slow prosecution. It is also being used to cloak poeple's wrongdoing because of privacy.