Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Gruesome Wake Up Call to Everyone

Shock and condemnation are the initial emotions I felt when I first heard the story regarding the Ampatuan Massacre. I always thought that only terrorists who are so blinded by their belief can kill anyone without hesitation or conscience. Apparently some of the citizens in our country will gladly shoot anyone in the face with a shotgun because of money. They don't give a damn about the families of those they kill as long as they have something heavy in their pockets.

What really saddens me right now is the initial response of those in MalacaƱang. Instead of going after the obvious culprits, they have asked for everyone to be calm, mourn and wait for the results of proper investigation. This only means one thing: the President and anyone else who hold tight to their votes and rely on these goons are willing to delay justice just to get what they want. I know we have to mourn for the loss but we don't have to keep calm - the good people of this country believes that only swift action and arrest of the people responsible is the only solution to this problem. If this goes on for more than two weeks, the President, her party and anyone associated with the alleged and likely culprits will suffer. The people knows too much and the media will never be quite.

For the journalists and broadcasters, please protect yourselves at all times. Yes, we still need heroes who will guide us on what we have to do to make our country prosper but we want our heroes today to be alive, healthy and should live happily until they naturally die of old age. You are not a coward for running away - you simply care for your family and your country. There are still safer ways to condemn the corrupt. Remember that God will still judge them based on their actions.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Note To Journalists/Politicians: We Don't Need Dead Heroes

When I was in college, I was fortunate enough to be part of the PPCRV (Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting). Being part of the extensive seminar, I got bored of rules, laws restrictions and massive ID cards that you have to bring anywhere. But the snacks are free and there are too many great people to mingle with. So I don't mind the endless talks since everything is perpetually free and you learn so many things.

Honestly, there was only one thing I remembered during the seminar. A priest gave a short talk about the dangers and perils we might have to face during elections. I can't recall the exact detail but there was one phrase I will never forget as long as I live:

"We don't need dead heroes…"

His point is this, everyone is better off alive rather than dying for something. There is always a safer better way to convey your message without wasting your life. If you are really serious about spreading the message, you have to spread it for a very long time. Dying while trying to teach everyone about the election will do you no good.

His thoughts on heroism is quite odd, but very true. Nowadays, getting yourself killed to prove your point is not only reckless to yourself but also to your family. A person getting killed during election time can be a husband, wife or kids cared for by anyone. Dying will only place other people in trouble because you are no longer there to guide and provide the needed muscle.

This doesn't mean we will to run away and curl our tails from those who threatened our lives. We run away but resort to legal matters to end the oppression. As gloomy as it seems, there is always someone who can legally protect us and get our message across. If there is danger, run but don't stop the message - there is always another way to get your message across.