Thursday, April 08, 2010

We Will Never Learn – Just Look at the Surveys

The latest senatorial survey was released and I am shocked! There are only 12 senatorial positions up for grabs and who do I find in the top spot? Actors! Artista! Are we getting bored in choosing the right candidate that we just choose the name that’s most familiar to us? I hope our common answer is not yes but my gut feeling is saying another thing.

Of the 12 available positions – 4 of those positions according to survey are on television and movie personalities. Bong Revilla, Jinggoy Estrada, Tito Sotto and Lito Lapid. That means a third of our senators are run by people whose claim to fame is being seen on films and television. Yes, they did have some experience but where did they start? How did they got the position in the first place? They were actors. Bong, Jinggoy and Lito were known for their ability to punch a guy on film and Tito Sotto was one of the goofiest guys I’ve seen on TV. Now, they are leading the country. The logic is simply not there.

Yes, you can argue that these guys are probably great in person – kind, approachable and probably helpful. But if that’s the only way a person can become a senator, I can think of a lot of people who has the same quality. And don’t get me started on education. Of these guys, only Jinggoy Estrada had a degree (AB Economics – Like GMA). The rest have little to no college education.

I do not endorse any candidate but I don’t think we should place actors in the senate, congress or in any political position. But the way I see it, the fastest way to grab voters’ attention is to be seen in movies. To hell with college degree, I’d better call my agent so that I could be in congress someday.

For the next 6 years, we’re going to use the same garbage hoping it will become gold so that we’ll prosper one day.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Call 163 and Get James Yap’s Son Out of the Campaign Trail!

Yes, he is the son of James Yap and Kris Aquino. Yes, he has the genes of a good basketball star and someone who can really talk. Yes, he has the capability to talk various local languages (Kris is basically from Tarlac and James Yap is from Negros Oriental). But I think he’s too young to be in the spotlight. Someone should call Bantay Bata and let the kid grow up in the most normal sense possible.

What’s worst is that the media is going crazy about this kid. Don’t get me wrong: he could be a good endorser of baby products, show up in movies or simply be part of a kid-friendly television show. But to quote what the kid said for politics? That’s just plain weird. Think about the potential damage the media is giving to this kid. Kris should be scared for his son right now because of the possible backlash it would give to his kid in the future. Imagine the reaction of the kid when he reaches the reading and understanding age and reads this news in the archives. If I’m in his shoes, I will be scarred for life.

I think the kid is not voting for Manny Villar because he can say his name. Kris should have told the press that her kid is actually a good testament that Villar is having too many advertisements. The song Villar is pushing on the radio and TV is now apparently lodged on James Yap’s son.

Please, let the kid go. Kris, let the boy stay home and watch cartoons. This limelight will take its toll on the boy.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Help! Tips on What You Can do to Clean the Streets

Our country is a dump. It has become a wasteland of useless posters of local and national candidates. COMELEC only has to appeal to these gooks and they often fall on dumb ears. I am writing this article not on anger but on HATE! I don’t like the word because it’s too degrading, strong and people on the worst condition can only use the word. But I think our country is in that situation.

I HATE campaign posters.

I HATE politicians who do not do anything about these awful posters that just destroy our town squares.

I HATE COMELEC because they do not do anything about it.
But I am not one of those people who only shout my problem without a solution. So with my HATE I also offer my solution. This is not a vague solution just like COMELEC’s plea. You, my dear reader, can do this tomorrow when you go to work or right now while reading this.

• Grab a poster and yank it – placing posters in the town square or plaza is ok. But if they are placed in illegal areas, you can easily pull it out. On the streets, the electric posts or any place where posters are unnecessary.

• Never allow any posters in your property – they can only place posters if you allow them to. If they insist, call the police. If you support one candidate, show it through other means. You’re simply whoring your house which should be an abode of your family, not for the candidate.

• Visit the candidate’s satellite office and complain – they can’t do anything about it. If they try to touch you, it will be their candidate’s problem and their downfall. But don’t go inside charging like a bull. Explain your complaint and they will surely understand.

• Never accept flyers that only contain “Vote for Me!” – this is just a waste of money which probably came from the people’s taxes. Only accept flyers that have complete data about the candidate. Anything less than that should be refused.

It’s too late to tell these candidates what they should not do. They are too engrossed in their world of politics. What we can do though is to slowly tear those posters down. If every voters removes just one illegal poster, we’ll get rid of 50 million illegal posters.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Watdapak Balita #1 – Create a District and Rule!

I was browsing for some Easter news for a little cheer up news for you readers. But this is what I saw online:

Lawmakers running in new districts that they created"


A few decades ago, there was a story revolving that the small town where I was born was created simply because someone wanted to become mayor badly. But since the politician can't win – a town was created. Thus, my small town was born. It's an unfortunate story but it actually happens.

I like the idea of being aggressive. Some of the successful individuals are not just smart people but aggressive as well. You should push yourself to make the sale, become successful and become the leader of the pack. I also like the idea of additional districts. This means people will have more voices and the locals from those district will be able to get a voice in the congress faster. But there is always boundary.

If you can't win the game – don't just create another game with you as the leader of the stage. Those are for wimps.

The sad part according to the news is that 6 of the new districts are being vied by the same congressmen who created the new district. The rest (other 4) is being vied by the relatives of these congressmen. Really? Debasing yourself doesn't really matter as long as you earn millions every year. Yep. Debase yourself for money and power.