Friday, March 12, 2010

News with Good Idea but Worst Implications this Week

This week, we take a look at three recent news that seemed good but has a bigger chance that it's just be another bust.

Bacolod asking for Exemption from Donation
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The logic is simple: COMELEC has to exclude Bacolod City with the ruling of donations during election period because it could disrupt certain spending as they are regarded as donation. The recipients of the donation and assistance are the teachers, the police and the poor people who need help.

While the reason for exemption is noble, it is quite impossible that it'll never be part of politics. This is especially true in Bacolod City since politics is way muddier than an unkempt road in the sugarcane fields during the rainy season.

Gibo's Plan for Pork Barrel for Local Government Unit

While reading the article, I was thinking: this is actually a great plan because it will cut down middle-men (AKA Congressmen) in distributing funds. But then I remembered the danger of money when given to politician located in a very far and unknown area. I mean, just look at the Ampatuans. I'm sure they have billions everywhere because of the power they wield. Since they are in Mindanao, no one can easily check what they do. This is also true in other towns in Visayas and Northern Luzon. No one is there to audit what they do with the money.

Speaking of Mindanao:

Mindanao Now in the State of Calamity

If there's a specific part of the country that needs more help than anyone - it's the folks in Mindanao. Nature is under heat, literally, and its destroying crops. To deal with the problem, they declared a state of calamity.

Now, I fully support this decision because this will allow farmers or just about anyone in Mindanao access to the needed funds. But, how are they going to get these funds? Of course, they will have to approach a politician and these funds will be used to gain advantage in the election.

Any stories like these? Add the news in comments :)

(Image: trap door spider from Wikicommons)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

5 Types of Facebook Comments on National Candidates

For those who stay in front of their computers for more than 12 hours a day, Facebook is not just a way to kill time and chat with friends. The social networking site has become the source of news and comments on different political candidates. This is the reason why I became a "Fan" of every popular candidate - so that I know where they are and what their webmaster would like to share with us.

But one thing I noticed about each post is the different types of comments. I think I'm having more fun reading the comments rather than reading the link or anything they want to share. So without further ado, here are the 5 types of comments on Facebook. I limited the screen shots to protect the user and myself :). These were taken from random posts by the national candidates.

The Regular Type

Boring but at least they have shown their support to the candidate. Maybe they haven't read the link so they just opted to give a generic comment.

The Passionate Comment

These guys should be part of the candidate's entourage in every sortie. To those who belong to this group: please note that the font in comments are so small that it's hard to read. If you're writing an essay in your comment, post it in your blog…and email me about it.

Broken Caps Lock Follower

This group can be broken down into two more: the PURE CAPS or the SomeTIMes CApS. The comments are pretty generic but at least they had the creativity to get everyone's attention…or their fingers are stuck in the SHIFT key...or their caps lock is busted.

First Person Message

This is my favorite form of comment. Conveying your message to the candidate through comments in Facebook is like sending out a paper boat in a river here in the Philippines thinking Kim Jong Il would receive it and end his dictatorship in North Korea. Harsh? Because it's true.

The Comment Stirrer

Sometimes, someone became a "Fan" not necessarily to give support but to create controversy. Instead of a fan based comments, the comments became a heated debate you only see in PEP articles.

That's it? Any more comments?

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Physical Violence During Elections - This Line Should NOT Be Crossed

I always love politicians debate. Listening to their tirade to destroy each other's reputation is always entertaining. This simply shows that each candidate has a skeleton in their closet. I even listen to paid political programs just to say bad things about the opponent. You have to give them credit for doing their best and braving the storm and dangers of insulting another candidate on the radio.

But when something physical is done to a political candidate, that's just plain wrong. Last year, the whole world was shocked about the Ampatuan Massacre. The thought of people dying because of political power is just wrong and those who do this is pure evil.

Why am I saying this? Because a few days ago our current Mayor's (Jerry Treñas) restaurant which is located beside the Mayor's residence became the recipient of a live grenade. No one died but someone got hurt.

This just muddled the situation of the already sticky state of our election. Why should you care even if you're not in Iloilo City? Because this can happen to anywhere and this scenario will most likely happen.

And what did just happened?

The victim (Mayor Jerry Treñas) cried foul - he has the right to do so because it has endangered his other source of living and his family. No one should die during the election and anyone who did this should be dealt with immediately. He is now pointing to politics and to those who understood (read: everyone else), he is suspecting his opponent: none other than Raul Gonzales Sr.

The opponent (Raul Gonzales Sr.) of course denies the accusation. I mean, who in the right mind will come to the radio and say "Yes, I did it and I'm angry right now because the guys who threw the grenade missed". I'm not saying he did it because it's quite stupid he really commissioned the act. He knows it will just ruin his reputation. But he launched his tirade saying that it's just another stunt.

This has left everyone confused. The voters will be clouded by these incidents instead of making a smart decision on the right candidate.

I wish I could blame the law enforcement officers but the real culprit are the leaders or those who planned this sabotage. Please, our country is already having problem select the right leader do not add to the problem if you can't provide any solution.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Vetellano Acosta - Douche of the Year? Probably

A few months ago, the Filipinos and other those from countries who cared scratched their heads when COMELEC approved Vetellano Acosta out of nowhere. According to Mr. Acosta, he's the official standard bearer of KBL which used to be the party of the Marcoses. Yes, the public got accustomed to his name and gradually accepted his claim. But the clamor for information about this guy is never lacking. In fact, one of the top articles in my site is my little research about this guy which yielded nearly nothing.

But after a few months, COMELEC (like the supreme court) changed their mind regarding this guy. Apparently Acosta is no longer interested in spending for the campaign. He will just let God push him to presidency. Smart move Mr. Acosta but that's not enough. You see, no one knows you. Jay Sonza, which supposed to be your VP do not have an idea about you. Bong Bong Marcos will never recognize you even if he hits you in the face. In gist - no one knows you, except the COMELEC.

If the smart guys at the COMELEC disqualifies you last week of December, then I could have forgiven and even praised them. But they disqualified him just a few days ago - after 9 million ballots have been printed!!! That's a waste of money - a lot of money. I don't think LP are not the only guys who should be *issed on this situation. Everyone should be. What do we do with the ballot? The system? Even if we erase his name manually we will still end up spending more just to remedy the situation.

Unfortunately, the damage is already done. We're left with 9 million ballots worthless than toilet paper. But instead of cursing the wind, here's what we do:

* Let the LP Fund the Reprints - If the LP is so angry about the late disqualification and possible ramifications, let them churn out some funds. Or at least help the government reprint the ballots.

* Sue Mr. Vetellano Acosta - Please, saying he "may" face criminal charges means you're not sure. He SHOULD answer to the law because he just wasted tax payers money, COMELEC's time and even the name of KBL.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Should Elections Be Held in November?

by Nick

At present, elections are held in May. The schedule for the Barangay
election is October. Formerly, elections were held in November.

I am 58 years old and have gone through many elections. I would like to air
this personal observation. May is the month when Filipinos spend a lot.
There are so many fiestas, festivals and summer affairs and Filipinos would
not want to miss the events. They would even borrow money just to please
their relatives, friends and visitors during fiestas. It seems the May
spending is a yearly obligation. When the dry season begins early, there
would be poor harvest or even none at all. The temptation to accept money
offered by politicos would be very strong.

I have witnessed November elections. November is usually harvest time. The
majority of Filipinos who are farmers have money. Employees have bonuses or
are expecting them in the next few days. There are practically no fiestas.
Filipinos can think well.

I am afraid that money will decide the result of the election this May 2010
especially because of the El Nino. People can’t think well because of
financial constraints.