Saturday, January 16, 2010

4 Too Obvious News This Week

(Editor's note: this could be a weekly segment regarding the thoughts of the candidates that were already thought of by the people. Please comment if there's any changes on the title, pictures, etc.)

The current political candidates are definitely smart guys. But they are not really stirring the noodles in their heads with their latest statements. Of course, they want to sound smart but anyone who wanted to make this country a better place would also say the same.

Gibo: Supreme Court selection must be transparent

My take: Of course it has to be transparent. You can't just get someone for the government position without the right process (and conscience) which is already transparent.

Villar wants better collection of taxes

My take: this should have been done eons ago even the current and past presidents knew it.

Noynoy, Mar share Gawad Kalinga vision

My take: There is already a name for this gentlemen and it's called Pag-Ibig Housing. Let GK do it's thing...just donate silently.

Money can’t buy the presidency— Gordon

My take: Sour graping is a bad thing Sir. Besides, you are in a better position compared to other candidates.

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Who Made the Most Obvious Statement this Week? (Jan 10 - 17)
Teodoro: Supreme Court selection must be transparent
Villar wants better collection of taxes
Noynoy, Mar share Gawad Kalinga vision
Money cant buy the presidency (Gordon)
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Friday, January 15, 2010

What the Tick is a Guest Candidate?!?

Browsing online for possible topics, I came across a small news about "guest candidates". I already seen this trend in the past local elections. Apparently some of the political parties can't seem to choose the right number of candidates. What they do is let someone become a candidate but only as a guest.

But this trend is now a trend in the national level. Some of the senators are now official candidates in one party but "guest candidates" in other parties. Take note of the word "parties" since some of them have enough balls to be part of various political parties.

Here are the candidates and their guest appearances:

  • Miza Maza (Gabriella) - guest candidate of Nacionalista Party (NP)
  • Serge OsmeƱa - GC of Partido ng Masang Pilipino (PMP)
  • Ramon "Bong" Revilla, Jr. (Lakas Kampi) - GC of PMP, NP, Laban ng Demokratikong Pilipino (LDP), and Nationalist People's Coalition (NPC)
  • Ferdinand "Bong Bong" Marcos, Jr. (KBL) - GC of NPC, NP, PMP
  • Miriam Defensor Santiago (People's Reform Party) - PMP, NP, LDP, NPC, Lakas Kampi

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of being part of this party fiasco?


  • Your name will appear in more sample ballots. Senator Santiago will appear in 5 sample ballots which means she will be advertised like crazy in the coming elections.
  • You might not lose much because you have bet on everyone.


  • Awkward introductions - Former President Erap Estrada introduced Senator Santiago as guest candidate but she was not there. She appeared instead of Manny Villar's rally which was held in the same day in a nearby location.
  • Conflicting ideas - although our political parties are like basketball teams where you can just jump from one group to another, there is still some identity in philosophy followed.

In gist, candidates who became guest candidates clearly has some issues with their current party. It doesn't matter if they are asked to be a guest because you are also a competitor for a few slots in the government position.

What do you think? Are guest parties a good idea for the party?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

5 Alternatives to Private Armies

The government and COMELEC are paranoid nowadays because of the private armies. Although they are doing this because of the recent cases especially the Maguindanao Massacre, it's still good that they are holding the politicians in the neck. This prevents every politician to go out and bring someone with a gun who looks like a villain in Jeric Raval’s movies (where’s he anyway?).

For those who are not approved by the Comelec, don't fret. I stayed up really, really late and missed my deadline in posting an article to give you some recommendations. Here are 5 things you can have instead of a private army.

1. Buy a lot of Samurai Swords and give it to your "companions". Because "guards" are not allowed, you can always have someone walking around with a sword in their side. This is even more dangerous compared to a guy with a gun because of the brutal possibilities your "companion" could do.

2. Hire Ninjas and Samurais as your "companions". No one said that you can't bring any Ninjas to your rally. Imagine if Ninoy Aquino actually walked around with 3 Ninjas in complete costume. That would be fun if he meets Manny Villar with five samurais in full battle regalia. This is also great for crowd control because people don't just approach guys with long blade in their side or the back. Plus, shuriken shows are awesome.

3. Get four VERY VERY big guys - I don't think the presidential candidates are the biggest guys in the country. With that said, there are a lot of really tall muscled men who can stand in the candidate's way to protect them from any harm. Just remember to differentiate obese guys from the muscled ones. I'm sorry to discriminate the fat-intensive dudes (I'm one of you), but we can't run with Ninoy in case he shows up with Kris Aquino, James Yap and Baby James for the rally.

4. Twitter and have Live Feed Videos - there two online tools will not protect you from any hail of bullets but it will not protect the culprit or the mastermind. Get an assistant to "tweet" where you’re going and who you met. The live streaming can also become a great tool to show what you do even in the most boring time of the day. Show me that you actually eat dirty ice cream every 4pm and you will have my vote.

5. Don't run. Live a simple life and avoid politics. If you don't want to get mobbed let the braver ones run. Having a bodyguard just tells people that you have a lot of enemies and you're a bit paranoid.

P.S. Please comment on this. If you have more input, maybe we can extend the tips to 3 million J

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

5 Arguments Against 10-Year Limit on Marriage (Without Using Religion)

Party List "Isa-Ako Babaeng Astig Aasenso" (1-ABAA) is trying to get the recognition and support of the people by proposing something radical. They plan to push for an expiry on marriage. After 10 years, a man or a woman can just say to their partner "I'm through so I'm walking out". He or she can remarry with no questions asked. It's a very simple proposal that's supposed to save marital problems…after 10 years.

I have to disagree to their arguments and here are my reasons without being preachy

1. Paperwork = Red tape - after 10 years, the couple would have to renew their marriage. They will still have their marriage license (supposedly) so they can easily get married. But this just means you have to visit various government agencies. You have to pay them some fees and you have to spend time and more money dealing with the red tape.

2. What about the kids? - Here’s a question for you "1-ABAAers": what if the family has two kids and decides to separate. Before you answer the question, let me quote a news clip from ABS-CBN:

"There are existing provisions in the law that deals with children of separated parents. Tajon said they will not meddle with that aspect of the law."

Leaving the kids alone to the existing law means you will just leave them to their moms which would lead to single parenthood. Kids will be neglected no matter what.

3. Why the Magic 10? I don't understand why a person has to wait for a decade just to ditch his cheating wife. This is also the same for the women. If my husband beats me up everyday after 1 year of marriage, why should I wait for 9 years more? Maybe you should propose daily renewal so that you can check their marriage status.

4. Can they rewrite the Family Code? The family code is just one part of the constitution but it will radically change with this proposal. You have to think a lot of things about alimony, child support, the process of annulment, ownership of property etc.

5. Why now? You should have pushed for this years ago. Coming out during the elections simply means you are just doing this to get the attention of media and everyone else so that you can have free publicity.

Please…Really think about your proposals…There are good stunts and bad stunts to gain public attention. So far you have done the latter.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

5 Tips on Jingle Making (For Candidates)

First off, here's the video:

Now. There are two sides of the story.

Rico Blanco's and Warner Music's side - the song was copied from one Rivermaya's song.

Dennis Garcia (the "arranger" of the tune) - the song was actually based on "Posible" which was no way related to "Sulong, Laban" of Rico Blanco.

It's a tough call, so you be the judge if it was actually pirated or copied. The only weird part is that the song's "owner" Lizza Nakpil, is the former manager of Rivermaya.

So for future references , here are some tips for those who wanted to create a tune for their future campaigns. If you want, I can create something for you. The quality will be so terrible that you'll win because everybody hates it.

Now on to the tips:

1. Hire someone popular and do a press conference for that agreement - the first option (hiring someone popular) is not a necessity but the second option is not negotiable. If you want to create a tune for the campaign, let the media know that you are doing something. It doesn't have to be that popular but a small news should ensure you're doing something right.

2. Listen to popular songs - this is the reason why the song "Posible" became a bit controversial. Note to composers: before you release a tune or copy a tune, make sure that it doesn't sound like anything popular today ir in the past few years. If you are thinking of copying "Nobody, Nobody…" Just make sure the Wonder Girls and their representatives here will not come to your office and kick your a** with legal fees.

3. If they use a popular song, double check the legality of the song - lawyers were made for a reason and one of them is to prevent from bad things happening to your campaign. Mr. Teodoro should be a bit paranoid and not too trustful about the arrangers. Sir, let them feel bad because you're not a nanny. You're running for presidency.

4. Create a full length song - I don't know if there's a full length song exists on "Posible" the Teodoro version but I already saw Ninoy and Bro. Eddie's videos online and they look great. Gloc 9 is really pushing it for the evangelist. This will prevent any confusion since you have created a full length song.

5. Learn the Song! - Although the leader of the land doesn't have to sound like the best singer of the land, at least they should be able to hum their tune. Think about it: you have paid someone with a chunk of your political campaign fund. Not singing it simply means you ordered something tasty for dinner but you just started at it.

Hope this helps. Again, if you want a tune - I can give you one. In fact, I'm humming right now.

Monday, January 11, 2010

8 Videos Related to Presidential Candidates

I could not help but look for their commercials on YouTube. So these are the videos I found. Many of them are pretty interesting - especially the JC De Los Reyes and Eddie Villanueva (Gloc 9 Rocks!). But I'm not endorsing anything. Feel free to have fun on these vids.

By the way, for some reason, the video of Noynoy is bigger and I have no idea why.

Noynoy Aquino Commercials - of course, he has the backing of celebrities :)

Manny Villar - he has been poor once so we should vote for him?

Erap Estrada - Can't find anything good in YouTube so here's the Arthro Commercial

Gibo Teodoro - pushing for social services is good but there's something not there -

Richard Gordon - dwell in the past to prove your future

Jamby Madrigal - unfortunately, I can't find any ad about her presidential bid so here's her speech declaring her plans:

Eddie Villanueva - yep, that's THE Gloc 9 :)

John Carlos de los Reyes - can't find anything for this guy so here's the interview on GMA

So? Will you vote for any of these based on what you so? Me? I wish they would come to my home and explain to me why the country is in the ***tters. Those who can give a good explanation in 5 minutes, gets my vote.