Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Argument Against Publishing Survey Results

A survey is a well known tool used by many businesses and various companies to know their status with the customers. Some companies use the survey to know the customer's reaction to their products while others want to know how they fare compared to competition. This tool is provided to businesses so that they will know how they can improve.

Did I say anything about publishing the results of the survey? No. That is why I am against the published results by survey companies, private institutions or anyone who goes out and ask people as a form of survey. These results should never be given out to the people. The results should be kept private. They should be divulged only to those who commissioned the survey.

What happens when the survey gets published?

* The veracity is automatically questioned - publishing the opinion of some people will never be accepted by everyone. The old adage "you can't please everyone" and in this age of the internet, the opposition to a specific opinion could be vicious.

* The survey becomes an advertisement - I don't care if the survey is true. What I care about is that the survey becomes a form of advertisement. I even consider it as a form of pressure since people might be forced to patronize a product, watch a show or vote for a candidate because everyone is doing it.

I'm not questioning the results of the survey or if the survey is good for our country. I think it's a great tool but the results should be kept private. The current practice of public survey is a form of harassment or brain washing. We don't need to know what people think in some places - let us think clearly by learning more about the facts - not the survey.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why Am I Voting for Mel Carreon

This article is mainly intended for those voting in Iloilo City. But this doesn’t mean you should close the browser and look for other blogs to read tonight. This is practically a blog that represents my realization why researching for the right person who will lead our city to better heights. Let me tell you…it’s frustrating. This is going to be a long blog but I hope you stay with me.

First off, you may already have heard about this person. Mr. Carreon is the first person who filed for the top position in the land when the COMELEC opened their doors last year. But he backed out after a few weeks and sought to run for Vice-Mayor in Iloilo City. He may just be a part of the amusing story of the country but he will perpetually be part of the local elections here in Iloilo city.

Politics is in the blood of Mr. Carreon but it seems that his blood is trying to get out of him because he’s always at the wrong side of everything. He ran for city councilor, mayor and congressman too many times. They say he’s trying to get his name in world records because he will always run for a government position. Last election, he was stopped from running. Rumor has it, he was threatened to be charged with vandalism because someone (supposedly his followers) spray painted his name in public properties particularly on waiting sheds and walls.

Say his name here in Iloilo City and you’ll hear countless tales on what he tries to do to gain public attention. Even if he’s not campaigning, he always wears that eccentric jacket that bear his name and the position he will try on the next election. You’ll constantly see him in a coffee shop in SM City or in front of old Mary Mart Mall (in Delgado St.) talking to some people. When election time comes, people will bet if he will reach 1,000 votes just for fun. His popularity is soaring and the proof is that he is constantly invited in a radio station during weekends to say his “eccentric” political comments. He blurts out things that you haven’t heard before on the radio which is very, very, very amusing.

Most call him crazy, some just refer to him as some dude who just wants to have fun. But he always has something in his mind.

So why will I vote for the guy? Here are my reasons:

· Money is a problem for this guy – I know that some rich people are so rich that they will not care about the money they made in the government. I wish that statement is true but I have a feeling that the rich people who holds position the government are trying to suck more money from the government. If they steal, we won’t notice it because they are already rich. How can we know if they just took one hundred thousand pesos when they already have one billion?

But in Mel Carreon’s case, the moment he tries to steal money, we will be there. This guy is not much when it comes to property. He lives in a home that could be destroyed by signal #1 typhoon, his home doesn’t have any electricity and his property is basically trees with a small, dilapidated house. At least he has trees. He could get a decent salary and improve his property a bit and buy a motorcycle. But once he builds a mansion, we will be there with pitch forks.

· He could be a great wild card in the council – think about him leading the city council…it’s eerie but at the same time he’ll give the councilors a very big problem when it comes to dealing with his eccentricities. If he doesn’t sell out and continuous what he does. The council would be one beautiful mess.

But why will I vote for someone that might make the city council a butt of jokes for the country? This should be a wake-up call for the current local candidates. Everything they do is already the butt of jokes in the country. His presence will just highlight that what they do are not really doing anything in the city.

· At least he will solve one problem (His) – I’m sure Mr. Carreon has too many problems to deal with in his life. But winning in the local elections will mean so much for him because finally, he will have a good source of money that will deal with his problem. I know money is not the answer of everything but it will really help. While writing this, I’m thinking: what have they done to help me or the community that’s really, really visible. Oh yeah: the overpass that’s causing nightmarish traffic everyday and the city zoning ordinance that’s alienating our friends from the province who gives us our daily food. If he wins, he will just take care of his problem. We should just be happy that we are voting for a guy who could solve his problem while highlighting the problem in our city.

· No poster – because he has no money, he can’t put up a poster except for the ones he is posting in front of his house. I’m sick of local candidates reminding the people who they are. One candidate even claims he’s “Mr. Clean Iloilo” but his poster is littering the city. Another candidate always asks questions. I don’t know why but he should just email me and I’ll tell him the answer. There’s also another candidate who seems to introduce each district of Iloilo by making up slogans. Please, stop making our city dirty!!! Mr. Clean, what are you doing about it? Mel Carreon fortunately doesn’t have anything to spend for the election.

If Mel Carreon wins, the city will be in a great position to bring itself up…because it will go terribly down…but aren’t we already in this position?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

El Niño and Politics: The Pairing can be Scary, Helpful

Politics and nature has a way of influencing each other. Our countries contribution in making the world a lot greener depends on the political decisions of our candidates. If they do not care about the environment, it can be presumed that our country composed of small islands will be drowned by the pacific ocean in a couple of centuries. Don't think that 200 years will do nothing for us. Yes, we're all dead but those following us will die a very horrible death. Politicians should push for radical reforms now before nature push for their version of reform. When nature does it's own version of reform, stating that our country will be wiped out of the map is an understatement.

El Niño is actually not a unique phenomenon. People have been experiencing this disturbance for sometime. But what made this phenomenon scarier is its current implications. USA is having a hard time dealing with record breaking volume of snow. On our end, the temperature is a lot higher. One indication that El Niño should scare us: my city (Iloilo City) is experiencing random bush fires. Open lots with lots of grass burst into flames. Fortunately, no property is damaged because it was controlled but it's a clear indication that something's wrong is definitely happening here.

Politicians be warned: each of your actions will have a direct effect on what will happen to our nature in the near future. This will not happen to you and me but also to your children and your children's children. Your grand daughter will no longer be able to enjoy the garden outside your mansion because it's too hot.

I'm blurting out regarding nature again because it's already 9:00pm and it's too hot to think of anything else. Please! Do something!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Common Poster Area - Nearly Oxymoron Phrase

Here's an excerpt of the COMELEC ruling on Common Poster Area:

SEC. 21. Posting the Campaign Materials. – Political parties, party-list groups, organizations, and/or coalitions thereof, and candidates may post any lawful campaign material in:

1. Authorized common poster areas in public places subject to the requirements and/or limitations set forth in the next following SEC.; and

2. Private places provided it has the consent of the owner thereof.

The first guideline is good because it will limit the garbage in our country. People will be able to see the streamers only in designated areas. No longer will our trees becoming an eyesore.

However, the excemption of common poster ground (refer to no. 2) just made this country a potential dumping ground of campaign poster materials. Why? Here are my reasons:

* Some people will allow some posts in their private property for the candidates they support - This creates a big bias in election campaign. A good example is when a rich business owner opts to allow posters in his mall. What if some malls in our country decides to allow only one candidate?

* Small infractions will most likely be ignored - you may not like it but you'll one day have a campaign poster in your front yard without your permission. Why? Because someone will place the poster in your gate while you're sleeping. You could report that incident but it's too complicated before you could actually pin that incident to anyone.

I wish COMELEC will remove the ruling on private property. Removing this will look like restricting a person's freedom but a "fair election" should mean everyone should have equal grounds in letting people know what they can do for the country.