Thursday, October 08, 2009

What's Happening in Iloilo City?

I have been wandering in the city for the past few days. Everywhere there's water. No, not that there's no water in the city but the streets are flooded more than ever. I should never complain about this because in Luzon, things are actually pretty worse. But c'mon, I have seen water where I should not suppose to see. For the first time in my life, I think Iloilo City or even Panay is slowly becoming the next Atlantis. I just hope Spongebob could be my neighbor. That could be fun.

Anyway, I have some theories why all the water is already in most streets in the city:

* The water is rising - the ice is melting so the water is rising. This is scary since Iloilo city could be underwater in a few decades if you follow the rapid rise of water.

* The drainage system doesn't work - a more probable theory since I've seen the drainage system and it's not good. Aside from clogging, no one seems interested in taking care of this precious system.

* The flood control program is not yet completed - this begs the question: when will this be completed? C'mon, I don't want my kid to be the only beneficiary of a great city.

* Global warming - Ice melts, water rises, period.

* Not enough trees - after the drainage theory, this is another theory I believe. Why? Because I saw how we destroy our forests and it's scary.

* PGMA - yep, blame everything to the president. hehehe :)

For now, I'll be saving money for life boats and even a jetski if I win in lotto - as long as the lotto outlet is not flooded, it's ok.

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