Saturday, January 02, 2010

The 4 "Underdogs" in Presidential Election

In a race, there will always be winners and losers...but that only happens after the race. Before the race, there are underdogs and front runners. Today, we're going to look at the 4 underdogs in the upcoming presidential election. Some may disagree with the tag "underdog" but let's face it, their chances of winning is not the same compared to the front runners.

* Richard Gordon - this guy can easily run a country but along the way of pushing the envelope, he lost the charisma of getting everyone to follow him. I was expecting he run as VP (with Bayani Fernando) but it was actually the other way around. He was a senator but he came to the national spotlight when he became the administrator of Subic Freeport :)

* Jamby Madrigal - she is running as an independent candidate which means she doesn't have any financial backing from a party. Last election, she personally financed most of her push to become senator. It's quite a mystery why she decided to run because of her affiliations with a party but I guess she wanted to prove a point that you don't need a party to become significant opposition in the election.

* Eddie Villanueva - a religious leader and an activist, Bro. Eddie is running for the top position the 2nd time. His group "Bangon Pilipinas" is gaining grounds in various areas but right now, the odds are against them. To be honest, he is one of those genuine politicians who might provide something for the country in case he wins. But there is not enough machinery (read: money) to tell and convince the people about his causes.

* John Carlo de los Reyes - John Carlo or JC is a councilor of Olongapo City running under the party "Ang Kapatiran". He has a Vice President and seven senators. Unfortunately, he came to the national limelight only when he filed for candidacy and this is not a good way to push for presidency.

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