Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Help! Tips on What You Can do to Clean the Streets

Our country is a dump. It has become a wasteland of useless posters of local and national candidates. COMELEC only has to appeal to these gooks and they often fall on dumb ears. I am writing this article not on anger but on HATE! I don’t like the word because it’s too degrading, strong and people on the worst condition can only use the word. But I think our country is in that situation.

I HATE campaign posters.

I HATE politicians who do not do anything about these awful posters that just destroy our town squares.

I HATE COMELEC because they do not do anything about it.
But I am not one of those people who only shout my problem without a solution. So with my HATE I also offer my solution. This is not a vague solution just like COMELEC’s plea. You, my dear reader, can do this tomorrow when you go to work or right now while reading this.

• Grab a poster and yank it – placing posters in the town square or plaza is ok. But if they are placed in illegal areas, you can easily pull it out. On the streets, the electric posts or any place where posters are unnecessary.

• Never allow any posters in your property – they can only place posters if you allow them to. If they insist, call the police. If you support one candidate, show it through other means. You’re simply whoring your house which should be an abode of your family, not for the candidate.

• Visit the candidate’s satellite office and complain – they can’t do anything about it. If they try to touch you, it will be their candidate’s problem and their downfall. But don’t go inside charging like a bull. Explain your complaint and they will surely understand.

• Never accept flyers that only contain “Vote for Me!” – this is just a waste of money which probably came from the people’s taxes. Only accept flyers that have complete data about the candidate. Anything less than that should be refused.

It’s too late to tell these candidates what they should not do. They are too engrossed in their world of politics. What we can do though is to slowly tear those posters down. If every voters removes just one illegal poster, we’ll get rid of 50 million illegal posters.

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