Monday, August 16, 2010

Senator Drilon and Malls for Vacation

A few days after the elections, I decided to stop for a few months so that I could observe the winners and see how they hold up to the pressure of saving our country. C’mon, admit it: we’re too lazy to move our butts to save this country that we just blame the president and every other politician for not doing enough.

But there are actually statements that just made me cringe and forced me to write this. I was listening to the radio and Senator Franklin Drilon was being interviewed because of his proposal. His proposal is actually very impressive – start the classes in September instead of June. This will prevent students from missing classes because of too many floods, typhoons and other climate-related problems from June to August.

I actually like the idea. But there’s just one qualm that I can’t imagine him saying it. He was asked about the detractors or people complaining to this proposal because they will miss their vacation. His reply? Parents and people can still go out even during rainy season – they can still go to the mall! Mall! MALL!

The mall makes sense in a physical manner because it has a roof that will protect everyone from the rain and other adverse effects of nature. But the mall is never a place where you go on vacation with your kids or have some fun. What do you do at the mall? Spend a lot of money…you watch movies, you play video games, eat and shop. At the end of the day you spend thousands because of the whining kids who wants to do this and that.

This is partly the reason why I can’t seem to agree with his reasoning. We need vacation but parents should never take their kids to the mall. This will only teach them consumerism so they end up spend and spend and spend some more until they die. With this economy, no one can deal with that type of lifestyle and this can lead to dangerous scenarios. Summer is great because kids can still go out and be at the beach.

Yes, this is selfish but our kids need options. Imagine your kid having to go to the mall everyday for two months because there is nowhere else good to go? You can say that your kids will stay at home for two months but that doesn’t do anything good for the kids development.

Senator Drilon, please don’t send the kids the mall. Consumerism is a good thing in someway but forcing them this habit doesn’t help them in anyway.

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