Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama's Speech - Beyond the Hype

Obama really lived up to his reputation as a good orator. Event though I have a problem with attention, I was able to catch up somethings. The phrase I really remembered was this:

"We extend our hands not because of charity but because of common goal."

My take on Obama's presidency will practically be on these words. He could become a great leader and will be able to take care of the economy without having to spend unnecessary tax payer's money. USA will still be aggressive in its assitance in other countries but will always have to think through on what they can do.

But he also challenges everyone to sacrifice a littel bit for the common good. Everyone was a little bit selfish for sometime (I'm looking at you Big Three) but everyone has to rally back to something better. Time for the Big Three to come up with better cars with better designs and not just the muscle cars.

After eight years, USA finally has a president who could really speak. Sorry former Pres. George W. Bush, it's really not that good everytime you speak.

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