Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dinagyang Review from the Radio

I'm not a big fan of television. I only watch for three major reasons:

1. If I see someone get beaten up;
2. If something or someone is funny on TV; or
3. Something scary is on TV.

That is why for my Dinagyang experience, I opted to listen to the radio instead of watching them live on television. I opted to let my imaginations fly on what the radio has to say.

I listened to three radio stations - Bombo Radyo Iloilo, Akson Radyo Iloilo and RMN Illoilo.

I liked what I heard on these radio stations except the one from Bombo. Sorry guys, but if you wanted to get people excited about the competition, don't get some critics who all they do is ask what is the meaning of the movements, the costume and the colors of their costumer. Instead of showing to the world how creative we are, we just shown to the world that we are logical thinkers. Although the lady commentator is very enthusiastic, their guest commentators are a major letdown.

Aksyon Radyo and RMN on the other hand described the Dinagyang events that made me think I was there. Sure I'm a little bit color confused (not blind) but the excitement on the commentators voices are there.

I'm not really about the radio station wars in Iloilo. I listen to these stations everyday since each of them has interesting programs that should be listened into. But please, when we are celebrating something, let the whole world know that we are excited with what we see.

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