Monday, February 09, 2009

How GMA and ABS-CBN Can Destroy the Philippines

You may have already seen the effects of Television to Kids...hours and hours of being in front of Television could get your kid out of their better life. They could have studied, ran around in play and making friends. They are instead stuck in the tube because there are too many things to watch.

Let me specify two stations: ABS-CBN and GMA. These two television giants are campaigning hard to be the best in the country. I don't have qualms in what they do to boost their ratings but in doing so, they are destroying our country and most especially the young ones.

I found this out throught the most disturbing answer I recieved. I was complaining that the stories in the telenovelas (the nightly shows that starts at 7.30 and ends in God knows when) are too cheesy. The answer I had was "they are geared specifically for kids." That's where I realize that these networks are out to destroy our future.

Aside from being cheesy (and maybe I'm wrong but they are a bit recycled), the shows run only for 30 minutes. The kids only have the ability to focus on a show for this much. Don't believe me? Try getting your kids to watch a full length film and see if they don't buldge. 30 minutes is enough to get the kids glued from one show to the other.

Because these shows run from Monday to Friday, the kids will not have time to interact with the family, eat together and even do their homework. If they do their homework, they do it in front of the tube which will take up their concentration.

If these networks do care about the future of our country, move the shows a LATER. Start from 9pm or even 10pm. Kids will be asleep by then. Instead of these crazy (and probably recycled) stories, get more news and analysis of the events instead.

And for the rest of the networks, don't you dare make telenovelas of your own. We have more than enough distraction our kids could handle.

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