Sunday, February 01, 2009

New Defense Against Inquiry: Crying

Ah...those good old days where the congress' work is just to pass laws and argue about it. In other countries, you could even see them hurling chairs because they are not in agreement with each other.

But the Philippines is different. The congress doesn't want to argue on more important laws. All they want is to attend congressional hearings so that they could be seen on TV.

And the news just might get better. The congressional hearings just turned out to be one hell of a drama...

You see, one of the guys that was subject to a hearing (I forgot his name, I'm still waiting for his TV contract) did something remarkable to prevent inquiry: he cried. After crying, everyone in the congress was up against the World Bank for banning those companies.

All he does is cry and the entire congress rallied behind him against the World Bank - even though most of our funds in the country today came from the trusty bank.

I have two messages - for the Congress and for the World Bank

Congress: Stop being a baby!

World Bank: Please, black list as many companies as you can. Seven could probably be .000000000001% of the companies who is into corrupt practices.

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