Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Letter to Mr. Percy Lapid

Here's my Letter to Mr. Percy Lapid. A great radio personality in DWIZ. I'm always listening to him from my place here from 12mn to 1am.

But he crossed the line. I'm still listening to him but I sent him a on...

Hi Mr. Lapid,

My Name is Ryan Dawn Umaday. I am not listening from outside the
country but here in the Philippines. I am listening from San Rafael,
Iloilo - a very small town in Northern Iloilo.

I would like to react on your statement today. You said "Pabrika ng mga alila".

This is very discouraging to us Filipinos. Instead of being bitter
about the politicians and blaming them for the statement of the
Chinese journalist. Blame the Chinese national for being so baised and
racist. What you just said is called "reverse racism". Instead of
being patronizing Filipinos, you are going against every Filipino,
especially the OFWs are fighting for - providing us here Filipinos a
better life.

I'm sure you know a lot of people working outside the country. On my
end, I know a lot of people working outside the country. My first
cousin is an Engineer of one of the biggest oil refinery in the world
and my uncle is also a civil engineer in Dubai. I don't think they are
"alila" as you said. And don't think that I am defending them because
I need their financial support - I am more than capable of supporting
myself financially.

We are a proud nation. Don't bring us down through your degrading
comments. I love your show but you crossed the line there.

I dare you to write to the publishers of the Chinese magazine to
defend the writer on calling us "nation of servants."

I'm also posting this email on my blog.

Ryan Dawn Umadhay
San Rafael, Iloilo

Update: Mr. Lapid replied to my email that he will post my letter on his two columns on Police Files Tonight and can read the online copy here.

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