Monday, April 20, 2009

The Mud Slinging in Bacolod City

I'm not from Bacolod City but I am living in the 5th district of Iloilo. From where I live, the reception of Iloilo city radio stations are not as powerful compared to Roxas and Bacolod City radio stations. As a result, most of my news comes from these cities.

The news right now in Bacolod CIty is the mud slinging between the current city mayor (Leonardia) and the congressman (Puentevella). The mud slinging have been going on since the last election. These politicians are aiming to become the next Bacolod City mayor. Puentevella wants to be back as mayor and Leonardia wants to be back as mayor as well.

Each of these politicians seemed to hire radio personalities to support them. You can even hear some of them on TV which sucks since they cover the airtime for my favorite cartoons in the morning. Frank, get out of my cartoon time in CS9 and concentrate on radio. No one is watching except the kids.

The beef of those who attack Leonardia is this: the newly built city center is over priced. The table of the city mayor is more than PHP 200,000.

The beef of those who attack Puentevella is this: he has been in position for years but have done almost nothing except to attack the mayor.His proposed heart, lung and kidney center is almost non-existent.

I have never seen such vicious attacks. Even the war of Tupas and Suplico could not measure to the attacks. Block timers in any station in Bacolod city have been going on for years and the topic is the same: one of these guys are not good.

Who are the losers? The people of Bacolod City and the Negros. Instead of focusing on crime and poverty, they all debate on who is wrong and right. The call center industry is getting really big in Bacolod but they cannot protect the employees. Peopel are getting stabbed, robbed and killed but nothing since politics has been the focus since year the 2007 elections.

I love to listen a good mud sling but too much of a good thing is nauseating. Stop it!!!

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