Sunday, April 26, 2009

People Who Need to Shut Up Now

Below is the list of people that should not be saying anything at all. Every time they speak, it always spells trouble for the country or just plain annoying. If you don’t agree, add more people through your comments.

  • Prospero Nograles – I don’t want to sound like a suspecting jerk but I know when I see conspiracy when I see one. This guy will definitely suck the country’s sap dry of its resources. Not only will he sell the country to the current president but to foreigners as well. His “fourth way” of changing the constitution should get everyone scared. I hope his soul will be touched by an angel…or at least clogged by too much fat.
  • Ralph Recto – the current NEDA chief is also another scary politician. The wife of Vilma Santos is the one responsible for eVAT. Because of the guy, we have to pay 12% for everything we have to purchase and earn. Now, he is saying that we are paying too much for gas but it’s just a pretext so that he will be a hero. Remember folks, he is the reason why we have to spend more and earn less.
  • Nonito Doniare – poor guy, he’s currently one of my favorite boxer. A smart IBF champion who can conveniently adjust from orthodox to being right handed in a snap. But my respect to him went down when he went on national television crying because his parents separated. Boo-hoo Sir. These problems should be handled at home with your dad. His soon to be opponents should feel tougher by now.
  • Korina Sanchez and Mar Roxas – Wow. I can’t believe the timing of these love birds. They announced their engagement a year before Roxas’ run for presidency. We know they are good to be married soon but they don’t have to use the national television for attention.

So please guys…shut up!!!

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