Friday, October 16, 2009

People who needs to shut-up this week:

I am starting a habit – I'll be carefully monitoring the news and events again so that I can give my weekly address of asking people to shut up.


Without much ado: here are the men (and women) who needs to shut up.


  1. Energy Secretary Angelo Reyes – first up is our venerable energy secretary. I used to love secretaries because of the crazy fantasies I have but as soon as I realize that these are the popular secretaries in the country, I soon ran after my pockets. The energy secretary is the premier defender of oil price hike. Don't think that he is against oil price hike because he does so many things to push them. Case in point: no price ceiling for fuel even with the typhoon. Why? Oil Deregulation Law. Bam! Thank You!!!
  2. Congress – I don't know most of these guys but thinking about the Congress for more than an hour can make my head hurt. This week, they approved a whopping 1.54 Trillion budget for next year. Wow! Everyone is thinking about coping up this year and they already have the budget for next year's election. Good for them, now bring them all here and distribute it on Election Day on envelopes. If I'm not mistaken, someone in the Congress asked for 12 Billion in relief funds. Now that's another money for every. Look at their beaming smile above.
  3. NDCC/Defense Secretary Gilberto Teodoro, Jr – I don't know if I'm going to be angry to this guy but NDCC and the Armed Forces is such a mess these days you don't know where to start complaining. 'Nuff said.
  4. DILG Secretary Ronaldo V. Puno – another secretary which means I'm having a nightmare tonight about secretaries. Sir, I can hear and see your commercials on TV. On Radio, you say that your group is working without saying anything. But that kinda contradicts what you do since you just proclaim to everyone what you just did. It's like promising not eat any chocolate anymore while chewing on one.

I don't know what will happen next week. But let's just get our eyes and ears peeled for something.

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