Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A New Sad Low for Ratings

Nothing wakes me up in the morning like bad news. Since its verrrry early in the morning, I decided to check some news on the West - well, it's still the same: recession, Fort Hood incident and Kindle for PC is apparently for US based customers only (WTF?) and Windows 7.

Our tech guys here are also excited since a few days ago, Windows 7 was officially launched in the Philippines and the Ultimate Edition is "only" 15k. I'll just stick with my XP until it's ready for the vault, thank you.

But one news has actually got my attention and courage to write this. Apparently our country is a little less corrupt! Wow! From 39th to 33rd! Now that's something to be really happy. I'll go open my half-finished Tanduay 5-Years even though it's 5.35 in the morning to celebrate.

You know the best part? The low rating is on technicality! According to Sec. Alberto Romulo, we are rated along with better countries so there's a big chance that we might not be rated well. Now that's a relief.

What I don't understand is that they are happy that they are now less corrupt. Well here's a news flash: a stolen peso is still the same to the stolen billion pesos. It's not yours. Being less corrupt still makes you a corrupt politician or person.

If they are trying to impress the people by telling us that we are less poorer (sorry English teachers), then they are doing a terrible job.

(photo from wiki commons)

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