Monday, November 09, 2009

"Fuel Shortage" - Classic Example Why Deregulation Sucks

Everyone is in the helping mood for the past few months because of Ondoy and Pepeng. The devastation is not just a change in the government's pocket. Billions have to be spend to rehabilitate some parts of the country not to mention the lives ruined.

Apparently, the big oil companies are exempted from helping. They fought hard against the latest presidential order. The reluctantly agreed.

Now they have a new tool to press the government to lift the price shortage - fuel shortage. I think the fuel companies are selling the fuel that was purchased on a reasonable price. The new imported fuel are still kept somewhere in the country only to be released when the ban on price increase has been lifted.

Friends, this is where we need to stand-up against oil deregulation. I used to get confused and even angry at the protesters on what the heck they talk about but this is no longer the case. Oil deregulation has to be stopped as soon as possible so that we can survive for the next few days - with fuel.

For the government - never back out on what you believe for the price ban and for Pete's sake: push to lift oil deregulation law. They will run away but competition will always get them coming back. A little sacrifice on your end will never hurt.

For the oil companies - it's strange to think that you are actually human beings. Maybe you're born ticks. I don't know. Hopefully, you'll be identified as new specie since I don't want to be associated with you anymore.

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