Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nicanor Perlas as President? Maybe.

Nicanor Perlas as President? Maybe.

Because Acosta and Perlas was never featured in our previous posts, we decided to catch up and look at these gentlemen. We're already done with Mr. Acosta so we move on with Mr. Nicanor Perlas.

Here's the deal: Mr. Nicanor Perlas has a very impressive record for a Presidential candidate. He has been working with the government and non-government institutions and the latter earned him a well known award. Still, not everyone is convinced he could be a great leader. Recent survey suggests that he is nowhere on the top 5 candidates.

Right Livelihood Award

Mr. Perlas is known to be the recipient of the "Alternative Noble Prize" or properly known as "Right Livelihood Award". This award is given to those who are able to provide smart and immediate answers to various problems. The winners gets to share the prize of EUR150,000. There are three winners and one honorary winner. Mr. Perlas is not the honorary winner which means he (and his partner Walden Bello) is EUR50,000 richer. But I think the money they won will go to their foundation.

Prolific Speaker

His website has a very extensive list of his speeches and experiences. According to some sites, he has visited nearly 70 countries because of his experience in green livelihood.

Green, Green, Green

Which brings us to the topic of green livelihood. Some sources online indicates that he was part of the technical advisers for the government where he strongly opposed the use of Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. He's actually the original green activist.

Bid for Presidency

His resume is very impressive and his experience is never lacking. But why is his bid to become the leader of the land is still slow? The answer actually is not what he is doing but in the current climate.

Sir, if you're reading this. You have to work harder to make more people aware of your existence. Unfortunately, your existence is not an automatic vote for you. There are still many things you should do to get people understand your previous award. I have to admit, social network sites will help but it's smaller than the tip of the iceberg.

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