Friday, January 29, 2010

Software Developers, Please Help Our Country!

One of the best things about technology is that it can be our staunchest ally…if we play the cards right. Applications, websites and online games are always part of our lives. The mere fact you are reading this right now is a testimony that technology works. The OS, the code behind this blog, and the systems administrators that keeps the servers running are only some of the technologies involved so that you can read this small blog. Even the unique and sometimes weird official websites of our candidates happen because of technology.

But come Election Day, technology will be at the center stage. In fact, technology will dictate our nation's future. Forget about who you will vote first. What we should be thinking is this: will the technology work in our favor? Maybe there's a way to do that.

Last year, the COMELEC released a statement on opening the source code of the application that will run the automated poll. The exact date of the press release was August 26, 2009 which means there are no software yet as they are still on a bidding war. But the press release promises that before the end of February 2010, the customized code for the 2010 Philippine Election will be ready for scrutiny.

Everyone is invited to review the source code. Of course, you have to be qualified to do that. For that reason - AMA, STI, UP, La Salle, ADMU and all those software developers working for some obscure company, please come out and ask to read the source code.

Why you should do it? Here's a small snippet I found online: Renato Garcia who works for Ateneo and also a consultant for 2010 Election is asking some international certification agencies about the application. So far so good but here's what he said. (Quote taken from

"One of the five international software certification bodies, have already expressed interest to do the formal review of the customized automation software. This body, we found out, has been conducting a software review for Canadian-based Dominion, the software provider for Smartmatic's poll machines,”

The only one interested so far is the company who works for Smartmatic. This simply means they will review their peer's source code.

So step up to the plate guys. I know the ILOVEYOU virus is not just some random act of a genius. My flash drive is often destroyed because of the local KULOT virus so please use your skills for something even better :)


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