Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Drugs and Election: A Dangerous and Deadly Combination

Drugs and Election: A Dangerous and Deadly Combination

Before reading the article, here are my references:

QTV News Bit: http://www.gmanews.tv/largevideo/latest/55251/qtv-pdea-illegal-drug-trade-may-be-funding-election-campaigns

Sunstar News:

The fact that someone is trying to bring in massive amount of drugs during the election period scares me. The drugs that were tried to be sold or distributed in Eastern Samar is not just your walk in the park drugs - the content should be more than enough to fund a congressional campaign.

Friends, welcome to the dark side of the election. Aside from from killing your political opponent to win, this is probably the next worst thing a candidate can do. Selling drugs so that it can be used to print paraphernalia that only tarnish the parks, fool voters that they're godsend, spend millions on crazy tunes and pay people to vote for them is just plain dangerous to the country. The politicians selling drugs are not just eliminating one or two persons to win, the candidate is eliminating the community so that they can win. The term "narco-politics" is just a bad idea.

This incident should give the COMELEC and everyone else a wake-up call to do their job.

For the COMELEC: please, please do your job. The people are not asking you to grow wings and fly. We just want everything to be clear during the elections. It would also be nice to whip those candidates that allow their local campaign mangers to place posters anywhere. Your "OPLANS" and "Operations" to remove the eyesore is not really working well.

For the Political Candidates: if you're planning to sell drugs so that you'll have some campaign funds, I will not just wish for you to lose but also to go in jail. It doesn't even matter if you're one of the most powerful person in the country - you are no more than a crooked criminal with a slightly better clothing.

For the Voting Public: this gives me another reason why you should take the money and don't vote for the candidate that gave you that money. The money is already there so take it and note that the candidate is a scumbag who might have sold some drugs for vote buying. If you don't vote for the candidate but got their money, they will lose not only the election but lose big because the money they have spent didn't have any results.

For the Law Enforcement Officers: Kudos for the embargo but we want more - catch the guys behind the shipment and let them rot in jail.

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