Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Live Video Streaming for Security: Definitely Good but could Get Worst

COMELEC is going to ask the help of the public to secure the most complicated elections ever. Instead of letting people watch in person the printing process, they will provide live streaming. This simply means security will be given to those who have crazy enough to stay in front of the computer for hours. COMELEC is going to stream their 26 CCTV monitors (16 already installed and 10 more coming). Although no one knows when the live feed will be implemented, we'll be there when it happens.

This is definitely a plus for COMELEC and everyone else. We're going to get a good glimpse how the government is actually spending our hard earned taxes on something sophisticated. They could have chosen some security personnel but they might be paid off. If they stream this online, everyone can monitor how things are done.

Call me a pessimist but I feel some trouble brewing from these services. Unfortunately, the last thing I would rely when it comes to technology is the government. I'm sorry but they are not that advanced when it comes to technology. A good example is their websites. There are moments that these sites are down while others are just plain ridiculous.

Streaming videos for everyone to see requires money - a lot of money. There is a big possibility that the streaming will eventually crash and they might do something with the ballots while everyone is wondering what happened. This can easily become a scapegoat. COMELEC can just say, "no we didn't tamper the ballots. You were there watching in video streaming remember?"

It's a bold move for COMELEC but can be a sacrificial lamb to make the polls look clean. I just hope their live streaming is as efficient as the Big Brother shows online.

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