Tuesday, February 23, 2010

El Niño and Politics: The Pairing can be Scary, Helpful

Politics and nature has a way of influencing each other. Our countries contribution in making the world a lot greener depends on the political decisions of our candidates. If they do not care about the environment, it can be presumed that our country composed of small islands will be drowned by the pacific ocean in a couple of centuries. Don't think that 200 years will do nothing for us. Yes, we're all dead but those following us will die a very horrible death. Politicians should push for radical reforms now before nature push for their version of reform. When nature does it's own version of reform, stating that our country will be wiped out of the map is an understatement.

El Niño is actually not a unique phenomenon. People have been experiencing this disturbance for sometime. But what made this phenomenon scarier is its current implications. USA is having a hard time dealing with record breaking volume of snow. On our end, the temperature is a lot higher. One indication that El Niño should scare us: my city (Iloilo City) is experiencing random bush fires. Open lots with lots of grass burst into flames. Fortunately, no property is damaged because it was controlled but it's a clear indication that something's wrong is definitely happening here.

Politicians be warned: each of your actions will have a direct effect on what will happen to our nature in the near future. This will not happen to you and me but also to your children and your children's children. Your grand daughter will no longer be able to enjoy the garden outside your mansion because it's too hot.

I'm blurting out regarding nature again because it's already 9:00pm and it's too hot to think of anything else. Please! Do something!

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