Monday, February 22, 2010

Common Poster Area - Nearly Oxymoron Phrase

Here's an excerpt of the COMELEC ruling on Common Poster Area:

SEC. 21. Posting the Campaign Materials. – Political parties, party-list groups, organizations, and/or coalitions thereof, and candidates may post any lawful campaign material in:

1. Authorized common poster areas in public places subject to the requirements and/or limitations set forth in the next following SEC.; and

2. Private places provided it has the consent of the owner thereof.

The first guideline is good because it will limit the garbage in our country. People will be able to see the streamers only in designated areas. No longer will our trees becoming an eyesore.

However, the excemption of common poster ground (refer to no. 2) just made this country a potential dumping ground of campaign poster materials. Why? Here are my reasons:

* Some people will allow some posts in their private property for the candidates they support - This creates a big bias in election campaign. A good example is when a rich business owner opts to allow posters in his mall. What if some malls in our country decides to allow only one candidate?

* Small infractions will most likely be ignored - you may not like it but you'll one day have a campaign poster in your front yard without your permission. Why? Because someone will place the poster in your gate while you're sleeping. You could report that incident but it's too complicated before you could actually pin that incident to anyone.

I wish COMELEC will remove the ruling on private property. Removing this will look like restricting a person's freedom but a "fair election" should mean everyone should have equal grounds in letting people know what they can do for the country.


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