Monday, February 01, 2010

LSS (Last Song Syndrome) and the Elections

Today I am going to rant. So skip on other articles if you don't want to read a blogger's whine.

There are two songs that can't get out of my head - Manny Villar's and Eddie Villanueva's campaign jingles. It's ok that those songs are buzzing my head because I can deal with it by thinking of other things such as my latest stats on my Mindjolt games, the latest movie I want to check out or simply by thinking about the horror story I heard last night. But what made this worst is that everyone is having the same song in their head. This means right now, someone is blurting a song of a presidential candidate out of their head.

In your part, you could be humming Noynoy's, Gibo's or any presidential candidate's jingle. You could be banging your head right now because you can't seem to get the soung out of your head or you are lovingly humming the tune because you are supporting the candidate.

It's ok. No. I don't think it's ok. I think it's dangerous that we are getting some weird buzz in our head because we are exposed too much to their music. Let me give you a good reason why:

If you are an avid supporter of a presidential candidate and you learn their music, you are not just a supporter who shows up on election day and vote. You become a vicious fanatic who would eat the beating heart of anyone who will never agree to your opinion. The song will never get out of your head and will take over your personality.

Who's to blame for this mess? I blame the "friends of" the candidates. Apparently their friends have so much money they can fund radio and television slots for their commercials. I want these to stop but what can we do? We are heavily influenced by what we see, hear and read so we're stuck.

Let me stop right here before I throw out obscenities to the candidates who are ruining my morning. I'll just look for some April Boy Regino or Willie Garte(God Bless his Soul) music. At least their music will last forever rather than cliche ridden jingle that's only good until May 2010.


the rantings of a 9-year-old said...

hahaha! to a certain degree, you are accurate with what sort of effect the jingle has on people's minds.

though you might not find it as optimistic as i do, i'm actually glad that you have Eddie Villanueva's campaign jingle somewhat stuck in your head. (now i know some people actually hear it)

now, who am i, but a small voice, that someone would read what i have to say? nevertheless here am i to broadcast to all internet users reading this blog that i am a VOLUNTEER (i AM NOT paid to post his picture as my profile picture on all my accounts, when i swallow my shame and meekness when i speak to RANDOM people on jeepneys about how desperately we need a DIFFERENT BREED of person seated on the "throne of leadership", and nobody is giving me a single cent *no matter how much i need it!* for me to stop working on my thesis for a while and write this comment right now) and that with all my heart, after much struggle to get my RESEARCHING (about the candidates and about what is happening in the Philippines) fit into my schedule as a student (with all the requirements and stuff), i have read, asked around, and searched through all mediums i could use to get information, and have even attended forums and talks of different politicians running for president...

HONEST TO GOODNESS, iba si Eddie Villanueva.

in two months' time, our choice will determine just how much we use our "analytical skills" in choosing someone who will lead us towards a better, brighter PHILIPPINES. that choice will last for a span of SIX YEARS (or longer if the constitution by that time would be changed)

eto lang ang sa akin.
Si Sir Noynoy, maprinsipyo. antaas ng galang sa magulang.. hindi niya hahayaan na masira ang reputasyon ng pamilya niya.. he's never been on any kind of scam, scandals, and corruption of any sort... but i noticed he's "playing safe"...

Si Sir Gibo... hmmm. parang re-run nalang niyan ng kung paano tayo pinamunuan ng isang presidenteng NAHULI NA NGA at UMAMIN NA RIN (through her "i am sorry" speech") na nandaya siya sa botohan, BUT NOTHING HAPPENED. She's very smart and she knows HOW TO PLAY AROUND with powerful people in the government. AYOKO NA NG GANUN.

Si Sir Villar. brilliant businessman. akalain mong from dirt to riches naka-angat siya? BUT HOW FAR is he willing to climb UP? ...hmmm... dinig-dinig ko Php. 250,000.00 ang airing ng bawat commercial na about 30 seconds lang eh. nice, ano? not to mention his case sa C-5 road project. haiii naman.

Si Sir JC. wow! gotta admire the guts. pero mejo naive pa when it comes to politics, ESPECIALLY kung buong Pilipinas na ang pinag-uusapan

Si Sir Gordon, astig! grabe ang nagawa sa Subic. very disciplined ang mga tao doon.. at may kickback pa yata sa project na yun eh.

Si Sir Estrada.. siguro naman may dahilang bakit nagka EDSA dos di ba?

haaaai. kaka-dismaya. never really cared about politics before.. mas masaya buhay ko nun. but somehow, i'm glad a sense of PATRIOTISM sparked at the very core of my soul that woke me up, saying, "hey, can't you see this? don't you really care?"

and so i write this semi-comment, semi-blog, hoping you would not strike me for being superfluous with words, to simply say that even before the WONDERFUL SPEECHES delivered by other politicians, i saw one character in Villanueva that made me say out loud: "i'm sticking with you til the end of this fight"

two words, mga kababayan...


Pinoy Politiko said...

Thanks for the comment my friend. Point well taken.

Karis said...

hey! u really got it to the core!

me a volunteer.. im working extra hours for his campaign without any single cent for what im doing.

it's because i care about this nation. and i started caring for my country when bro eddie ran last 2004.

si bro eddie walang maibibigay sa mga volunteers na laptop, cellphone, sasakyan, etc. ang tanging inaasahan ng mga volunteers sa kanya kapalit ng lahat ng hirap, gastos, at pagod ay ang pamumuno ni eddie villanueva ng tapat at mahusay sa bansa natin.

Pinoy Politiko said...

Thanks for the comment karis. I think the election will be swayed by money but I still got my hopes up. There are still millions of good people out there.

Karis said...

in fairness di ko lang ineexpect na magsstuck sa head ni pinoypolitiko yung jingle ni eddie villanueva. to think na napakaminimal ng infomercial nya sa TV at radio.. binabawi na lang sa internet.

that may meant it marked because it is unique! not traditional! hehe

Karis said...

sana nga magising na ang "masang pilipino" eh. wag naman ibenta ang boto sa halagang 500 at 1000. ipakita naman natin na may dangal tayo kahit mahirap lang.

Karis said...

yung nagpost first, nakakarelate kabisihan sa campaign, hindi muna ako ngrereview for my comprehensive exam sa graduate school.. u should pass that exam first before u can proceed sa pag-gawa ng thesis.

but im still thinking to pursue the review kasi sa feb25 na exam :/

Pinoy Politiko said...

I have two good reasons why the song got stuck in my head.

1. Big Gloc 9 Fan
2. You really don't see a lot of creative songs out there.


Karis said...

the composer of that song did not receive a single cent for that. it is his gift to bro.eddie

the compose of nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura is from advertising agency. i should know. napanood ko ang interview. di ko lang matandaan anong agency. magkano nga ang bayad sa agency???

sir politiko concern lang po:
google might trace that you posted here in your site to click the ads at i-ban ka. it is against their terms and conditions. gumagamit din kasi ako nyan kaya i know. nasampolan nga ako ng email warning nila eh. :)

Pinoy Politiko said...

@Karis...that's a very interesting info and both songs are quite catchy.

Thanks for the head's up on the ads :)

Karis said...

np :D

Hank Rodriguez said...

I strongly agree. It IS cool (Eddie Ako jingle). And I'm actually beginning to like him - Bro. Eddie. He's pretty good - speeches, on forums, interviews... even the ads!

By the way, thank you for sharing infos and your unbiased opinions here regarding upcoming elections. This site's a blessing and awesome.

PS: I've no presidential bet yet. But it won't hurt choosing Villanueva.

Take it easy.

Pinoy Politiko said...

Hi Hank :) Thanks for the feedback. We all have to do something this coming elections. It's also my own way of knowing more about the candidates and sharing as much as I can so that we all have an educated decision to choose a candidate.