Monday, March 22, 2010

More Statements mean More Concerns for Everyone

For the past few weeks, you’ll always find something like this online and in the newspapers:

Palace Slams Scare Tactics
Palace Assures Transparency in Chief Justice Selection

Please take note of the worlds “Slams” and “Assures” these are verbs that doesn’t really mean anything for our country. These words are actually great for basketball and contact sports but not for Malacañang. I’m sorry Malacañang, but what you’re just saying is to forget about what you do. Everyone is concerned about the recent ruling of the Supreme Court since this will virtually place the current president in an unprecedented position for future power. She can (and might) hire someone that will say “yes you can” to anything she wants and that includes circumventing the laws of the land.

I wish the Palace will not say anything else and let the people complain. Instead of using vague verbs, they should have DONE something about it. They could have asked the SC to appeal the ruling. Better yet, let the current president skip the decision making and retire in June 30. At least, the heat on her will not be as much. If they really want a peaceful transition, they should prepare for the next president and never create any headaches for the next leader of the land and its people.

This recommendation doesn’t only apply to Malacañang. Every government officials should avoid “vows” and “promise” as these are useless statements. Give out concrete plans that can be understood so that we’ll have a better understanding who to vote on Election Day.

These are scary times and we need concrete actions (and verbs). These statements are only increasing our suspicion because you are pushing too hard to bluff the people.


worried said...

I think Malacanang has the right also to be heard, not only the people who are against the SC ruling. We should all be receptive of the SC ruling, if people do not agree file the motion and present the argument. In the case of PGMA appointing the next CJ, so what? Should the JBC already screen those names that they put in the list? People should be watchful of the JBC and not merely attack Malacanang. There are ways people to do things properly. Let's move on.

Pinoy Politiko said...

@worried thanks for the comments. I know the JBC are just clamoring for something. I wish they should focus on information drive rather than a literal drive to the supreme court. Everyone (JBC and Malacanang) should move on.