Thursday, March 18, 2010

Three OBVIOUS Reasons Why Party List Should be Abolished (Part 3)

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Final Reason: THEY DON’T WORK

I’m sure marginalized sector from various industries have been represented in the senate. But have I seen their work? NO. Maybe I have seen BAYAN and GABRIELA do their chants on the street but other than that I have not seen one bit of help. The party list group should help a group of people that can’t be easily represented in the senate.

Why I argue they don’t work? Simple: because I’m a regular Filipino. I have encountered fishermen, sugarcane planters, CARTAPS (Carga Tapas or Sacada), really poor individuals, teachers (my parents), urban poor (my in-laws), carpenters, street vendors and I have seen no help that came from party list groups. They don’t do anything except to listen and create speech in the congress. If they do help, they will only help people from their region or their town or to the people they know. It’s NEVER nationwide.

This are the reasons why I want it abolished. No new laws to control party list or no new regulations how the party list will help. I just want this abolished. If you’re part of the party list group, feel free to leave a comment. You may have plans to help the country but when you get up there, you forget about us regular folks. Go on and gobble up to your pork barrel. We’ll just stay here, pay our taxes and hope to God something would happen in the congress that will say get those pseudo-congressmen/women out here! YOU GUYS HAVE NO BALLS!

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