Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another Letter to Sir Percy Lapid

I'm a big fan of Percy Lapid of DWIZ. His show starts at 12 midnight until 1.30AM and it has an audio feed online as well as live video on USTREAM. It's a great show because he doesn't hold back to any candidate and institution. He also welcomes reactions from his listeners and happily engages on their thoughts. With that said, here's my latest letter to Mr. Lapid while listening to his show:

Hi Sir Percy,

I have to say I'm a bit disappointed on your comment with CBCP. I am a staunch supporter of the church but I am also a thinker like you. But I think the way you prove your point against on what the bishop's are is misconstrued. The logic is simply not there.

The idea of getting some endorsers is to solicit votes. If you tell the people not to listen to the endorsers that means you are questioning everything the candidate does. I'm with you on that idea but shielding the endorsers (I know you're a big fan of Dolphy) by blasting the CBCP for blasting some endorsers doesn't sound well. They are simply stating that bad endorsers will provide a bad example to the people.

You also said that the Catholic church doesn't provide any criteria on who to vote without sounding partisan. I attended last Sunday's mass and before the mass ended the priest read and explained something to the parishioners and they are providing warnings on candidates and how we should choose. I think they are not partisan. They are simply pointing out something is wrong. I know they have some lapses but I don't think they do it deliberately. Why? They should be the ones who will be very fearful and careful on what they do because they know God is monitoring their actions.

I'm sorry to say this but getting sick of journalists and politicians saying the "separation of church and state". That's just a lame excuse of people who wanted to get away from doing something bad. For example, a journalist would say really bad words or show lewd material on radio, television or newspaper and the church will react. First response? "Separation of church and state". This is also true when bishops or any religious group try to tell the politicians that they are doing something really bad for the country. There is a clear line between what is legal and moral. The bishops only stands for what is moral that also happens to be legal. If the church doesn't stand for anything, what message does it give to the people? They are doing everything they can on their flock and standing up to blatantly tell the candidates about their endorsers is one of those methods.

Your idea of "Freedom" is also misconstrued. Being free doesn't mean you can do anything or say anything. You and your co-hosts are stating this is a democratic country. This means our freedom is not based on what we want to do but on what we have to do to maintain a democratic country. Our freedom lies on our ability to do something great and not just what is required from us. Our freedom does not lie on the evil or bad things we can do to our fellow men.

Still an avid fan though :) Keep up the good work Sir. Midnights is always a fun activity when you're online.



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