Sunday, April 11, 2010

Who the Hell Made that Post?

There’s a new leak on “Noynoy’s Psychiatric Report” and as a political blogger, I became curious and tried to look for the actual data so that I can learn more. But the more I search, the more I realize that the post is a hoax – that means it’s not true and it has angered some bloggers. Count me in for the angry mob.

This is the reason why we bloggers are being hounded by the law – we could easily end up in jail for something that we post here. We can be angry at their actions, we can be angry at their decisions, hell, we can even be angry on what they’re thinking. But proactively saying something that’s not true is not a way of a blogger. Yes, I am a pseudo-journalist (feeling journalist ba’) but that doesn’t mean I can post nasty things about people.

Mind you, I am not for Noynoy nor for any presidential candidate. I am still thinking about the right candidate but these blogs are only bothering me because it tries to muddle my decision making.

I want to blame also other people who only flamed this news. C’mon guys, you are actually paid to investigate on the veracity of the report. I am never paid for these things I post here and I don’t think I’ll earn from it even if I write vigorously about politics. Again, YOU ARE BEING PAID TO KNOW IF THESE THINGS ARE TRUE SO YOU BETTER DO YOUR JOB.

So what do we do about this? I suggest two drastic actions:

• Read other news – I suggest focusing on other news. The President of Poland is dead along with his wife which is more tragic that this false report on Noynoy. You could also check out some things you can do to avoid too much heat in summer.

• Watch movies, lots of movies – if you don’t like other news, then don’t listen to the news for at least two days. I will even accept it if you don’t go back here for two days. That’s how I love my country – screw my blog as long as we get out a better person.

See you in two days. But tomorrow I’ll still post something.

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