Saturday, June 20, 2009

How PETA Ruined My Evening

I was lazily staring at my laptop when my mom shouted "get in front of the TV, they're featuring rabbits". I stopped what I was doing (or staring at) and switched on my TV in my room.

Jessica Soho was narrating the opportunity the country has in rabbits. They are great source of meat (only 150/kilo), tastes a lot like native chicken and they never thought of adapting any family planning of some sort. It's a great source of meat because they can be available at almost anytime. There's a town in Mindanao that uses rabbit instead of chicken because it's less expensive and easy to propagate. Rabbit skin is even great for a wallet.

I liked the segment but then a note came out...PETA is against slaughtering of rabbits!!! They said animals should not be sacrificed for the sake of us humans. Wow. I was disappointed and that thought was enough to destroy my evening. Thanks PETA, I owe you one.

I always like the idea of PETA. Stop killing animals. I thought their reason was that they animals should be preserved and when the need arises, should be killed in a very humane way. But noooo...I was wrong. Animals should never be killed no matter what. I thought the "humane" fly catcher PETA sent to President Obama was ridiculous...and it still is.

Let me give you as simple argument why PETA has got it all wrong. I'm all for human treatment of animals. I have five turtles that I rescued from their crazy owners because they are tied up without food. That's my share of trying to help the world. For the mosquitoes however, I have no second thoughts of swatting them. How can I be humane for mosquitoes? Tell them not to bite me? **** *** (expletives, figure it out).

Going back to the rabbits, I like what the good pastor did to make the rice porridge (arroz caldo) taste better – spike it with rabbit. Everyone liked it and the feeding program is a success. Now, if PETA tells me that rabbit should not be included in the porridge, they should try eating porridge with salt everyday. When I was in elementary, I forced myself to eat "Burgur Wheat" or whatever they call it. The abomination is practically brown rice with peas! It doesn't taste anything without sugar or salt. If they could have spiked it with chicken or pork, I could have been transformed from skinny to obese when I finished my elementary years.

Please PETA, before you tell people not to eat anything be sure they have options because us Filipino people doesn’t have a lot of options in terms of food. Don't tell me "it's the government’s problem" yeah, **** ** **** (expletives). I know how you've been violent on celebrities who tried to wear fur. Maybe you're right in there. But try to be violent in front of our brothers in Mindanao who can't have chicken because they're too expensive. Let's see how you courage could fare with their warrior-like courage.

Again...I would like to thank PETA for ruining my Saturday night. Hopefully, I could return the favor by ruin your one of your nights.


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