Friday, November 06, 2009

Advice to Radio Personalities - please don't become a media whore

I don't know if there are a lot of young people listening to AM radio. After all, the FM station would sometimes blurt out some news about celebrities so why bother? But I tend to shun myself from music most of the time and listen to good old talk AM stations.

But election is coming and there's a really bad trend going on in AM radio - block timers. For those who are not familiar with this programs. A block time program is a paid program which means the show is not sponsored by the radio station. The radio station is paid by the shows producer or the one who simply wants to talk on radio. They can say almost anything on radio and the radio station do not care what they say. The radio stations are paid and the commentators can blurt out anything they want. Everyone is happy - except the freakin' listeners.

These block timers are only there for two things: to praise those who hired them and attack the enemy of those who hire them. Most of these block timers are former radio personalities or public officials who has a knack to talk without anyone in front of them. They talk bad against the enemy because they were paid to talk that way. In Iloilo, the trend of block timers that attacks politicians is just starting. Personalities that are for Gov. Tupas are already in the radio stinking the airwaves. Those for Syjuco, Gonzales, Biron and Mabilog are also taking some time in the radio just to get their black propaganda across. Bacolod is already doomed with paid broadcasters for Mayor Leonardia and Congressman Puentevella.

Don't get me wrong. I love a good banter against the enemy. In fact, my favorite past time is to listen to broadcasters lash out the bad guys in the government. But these are legitimate broadcasters. They were specifically paid to tell both sides of the story and not just lash out the enemy. I still believe they are not really paid to broadcast in a bias manner because they still have some conscience left.

So please...this is an appeal to radio stations and "paid" broadcasters. Do not stir the airwaves with bad messages. The country is already in the **ithole as it is and you just made it smellier. Get off the airwaves or have your show at 2.15 to 3.15 in the morning.

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