Wednesday, January 13, 2010

5 Arguments Against 10-Year Limit on Marriage (Without Using Religion)

Party List "Isa-Ako Babaeng Astig Aasenso" (1-ABAA) is trying to get the recognition and support of the people by proposing something radical. They plan to push for an expiry on marriage. After 10 years, a man or a woman can just say to their partner "I'm through so I'm walking out". He or she can remarry with no questions asked. It's a very simple proposal that's supposed to save marital problems…after 10 years.

I have to disagree to their arguments and here are my reasons without being preachy

1. Paperwork = Red tape - after 10 years, the couple would have to renew their marriage. They will still have their marriage license (supposedly) so they can easily get married. But this just means you have to visit various government agencies. You have to pay them some fees and you have to spend time and more money dealing with the red tape.

2. What about the kids? - Here’s a question for you "1-ABAAers": what if the family has two kids and decides to separate. Before you answer the question, let me quote a news clip from ABS-CBN:

"There are existing provisions in the law that deals with children of separated parents. Tajon said they will not meddle with that aspect of the law."

Leaving the kids alone to the existing law means you will just leave them to their moms which would lead to single parenthood. Kids will be neglected no matter what.

3. Why the Magic 10? I don't understand why a person has to wait for a decade just to ditch his cheating wife. This is also the same for the women. If my husband beats me up everyday after 1 year of marriage, why should I wait for 9 years more? Maybe you should propose daily renewal so that you can check their marriage status.

4. Can they rewrite the Family Code? The family code is just one part of the constitution but it will radically change with this proposal. You have to think a lot of things about alimony, child support, the process of annulment, ownership of property etc.

5. Why now? You should have pushed for this years ago. Coming out during the elections simply means you are just doing this to get the attention of media and everyone else so that you can have free publicity.

Please…Really think about your proposals…There are good stunts and bad stunts to gain public attention. So far you have done the latter.

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