Monday, January 11, 2010

8 Videos Related to Presidential Candidates

I could not help but look for their commercials on YouTube. So these are the videos I found. Many of them are pretty interesting - especially the JC De Los Reyes and Eddie Villanueva (Gloc 9 Rocks!). But I'm not endorsing anything. Feel free to have fun on these vids.

By the way, for some reason, the video of Noynoy is bigger and I have no idea why.

Noynoy Aquino Commercials - of course, he has the backing of celebrities :)

Manny Villar - he has been poor once so we should vote for him?

Erap Estrada - Can't find anything good in YouTube so here's the Arthro Commercial

Gibo Teodoro - pushing for social services is good but there's something not there -

Richard Gordon - dwell in the past to prove your future

Jamby Madrigal - unfortunately, I can't find any ad about her presidential bid so here's her speech declaring her plans:

Eddie Villanueva - yep, that's THE Gloc 9 :)

John Carlos de los Reyes - can't find anything for this guy so here's the interview on GMA

So? Will you vote for any of these based on what you so? Me? I wish they would come to my home and explain to me why the country is in the ***tters. Those who can give a good explanation in 5 minutes, gets my vote.


omeng said...

Only a Change person can truly and be used an instrument by God to change our nation!
BRO EDDIE is not promising but He accompany it with works...
hindi nmn inalis ng Diyos ang pagmamahal nya sa bansa kahit nung student leader pa lng sya at walang kinkilalang Diyos...dinagdagan pa nga nya iyon ng tunay na pagmamahal at pagmamalasakit sa Bansa.
millions were inspired by his life at isa na ako dun.
napakarami na niyang ginawa na paglilingkod sa bayan at ang pinakaimportante d2 hindi lng basic comodities at physically at material needs ang ibinigay nya kundi ang kaligtasan di lamang ng katawan kundi ng kaluluwa.
God is working in/through his life.
he is very humble person na tunay na hinahangaan ko sa kanya.
kahit anong assatination at paninira sa kanya at pamilya
still He is calm and focus sa pagkatawag ng Diyos sa kanya...from PREISTLY ANNOINTING TO KINGLY ANNOINTING! gets po?
mula sa pangangalaga ng Pamilya ng Diyos at ngayon sa mas malawak nagawain at responsibilidad na pangunahan ang bayan sa tunay na pangarap ng Diyos d2...


Reflecting Daily said...

Thanks for the comments my friend :) I'm sure Bro. Eddie only has great intentions for our country.

Karis said...

true and correct