Tuesday, January 12, 2010

5 Tips on Jingle Making (For Candidates)

First off, here's the video:

Now. There are two sides of the story.

Rico Blanco's and Warner Music's side - the song was copied from one Rivermaya's song.

Dennis Garcia (the "arranger" of the tune) - the song was actually based on "Posible" which was no way related to "Sulong, Laban" of Rico Blanco.

It's a tough call, so you be the judge if it was actually pirated or copied. The only weird part is that the song's "owner" Lizza Nakpil, is the former manager of Rivermaya.

So for future references , here are some tips for those who wanted to create a tune for their future campaigns. If you want, I can create something for you. The quality will be so terrible that you'll win because everybody hates it.

Now on to the tips:

1. Hire someone popular and do a press conference for that agreement - the first option (hiring someone popular) is not a necessity but the second option is not negotiable. If you want to create a tune for the campaign, let the media know that you are doing something. It doesn't have to be that popular but a small news should ensure you're doing something right.

2. Listen to popular songs - this is the reason why the song "Posible" became a bit controversial. Note to composers: before you release a tune or copy a tune, make sure that it doesn't sound like anything popular today ir in the past few years. If you are thinking of copying "Nobody, Nobody…" Just make sure the Wonder Girls and their representatives here will not come to your office and kick your a** with legal fees.

3. If they use a popular song, double check the legality of the song - lawyers were made for a reason and one of them is to prevent from bad things happening to your campaign. Mr. Teodoro should be a bit paranoid and not too trustful about the arrangers. Sir, let them feel bad because you're not a nanny. You're running for presidency.

4. Create a full length song - I don't know if there's a full length song exists on "Posible" the Teodoro version but I already saw Ninoy and Bro. Eddie's videos online and they look great. Gloc 9 is really pushing it for the evangelist. This will prevent any confusion since you have created a full length song.

5. Learn the Song! - Although the leader of the land doesn't have to sound like the best singer of the land, at least they should be able to hum their tune. Think about it: you have paid someone with a chunk of your political campaign fund. Not singing it simply means you ordered something tasty for dinner but you just started at it.

Hope this helps. Again, if you want a tune - I can give you one. In fact, I'm humming right now.

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