Wednesday, March 10, 2010

5 Types of Facebook Comments on National Candidates

For those who stay in front of their computers for more than 12 hours a day, Facebook is not just a way to kill time and chat with friends. The social networking site has become the source of news and comments on different political candidates. This is the reason why I became a "Fan" of every popular candidate - so that I know where they are and what their webmaster would like to share with us.

But one thing I noticed about each post is the different types of comments. I think I'm having more fun reading the comments rather than reading the link or anything they want to share. So without further ado, here are the 5 types of comments on Facebook. I limited the screen shots to protect the user and myself :). These were taken from random posts by the national candidates.

The Regular Type

Boring but at least they have shown their support to the candidate. Maybe they haven't read the link so they just opted to give a generic comment.

The Passionate Comment

These guys should be part of the candidate's entourage in every sortie. To those who belong to this group: please note that the font in comments are so small that it's hard to read. If you're writing an essay in your comment, post it in your blog…and email me about it.

Broken Caps Lock Follower

This group can be broken down into two more: the PURE CAPS or the SomeTIMes CApS. The comments are pretty generic but at least they had the creativity to get everyone's attention…or their fingers are stuck in the SHIFT key...or their caps lock is busted.

First Person Message

This is my favorite form of comment. Conveying your message to the candidate through comments in Facebook is like sending out a paper boat in a river here in the Philippines thinking Kim Jong Il would receive it and end his dictatorship in North Korea. Harsh? Because it's true.

The Comment Stirrer

Sometimes, someone became a "Fan" not necessarily to give support but to create controversy. Instead of a fan based comments, the comments became a heated debate you only see in PEP articles.

That's it? Any more comments?

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