Sunday, March 07, 2010

Should Elections Be Held in November?

by Nick

At present, elections are held in May. The schedule for the Barangay
election is October. Formerly, elections were held in November.

I am 58 years old and have gone through many elections. I would like to air
this personal observation. May is the month when Filipinos spend a lot.
There are so many fiestas, festivals and summer affairs and Filipinos would
not want to miss the events. They would even borrow money just to please
their relatives, friends and visitors during fiestas. It seems the May
spending is a yearly obligation. When the dry season begins early, there
would be poor harvest or even none at all. The temptation to accept money
offered by politicos would be very strong.

I have witnessed November elections. November is usually harvest time. The
majority of Filipinos who are farmers have money. Employees have bonuses or
are expecting them in the next few days. There are practically no fiestas.
Filipinos can think well.

I am afraid that money will decide the result of the election this May 2010
especially because of the El Nino. People can’t think well because of
financial constraints.

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