Friday, March 12, 2010

News with Good Idea but Worst Implications this Week

This week, we take a look at three recent news that seemed good but has a bigger chance that it's just be another bust.

Bacolod asking for Exemption from Donation
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The logic is simple: COMELEC has to exclude Bacolod City with the ruling of donations during election period because it could disrupt certain spending as they are regarded as donation. The recipients of the donation and assistance are the teachers, the police and the poor people who need help.

While the reason for exemption is noble, it is quite impossible that it'll never be part of politics. This is especially true in Bacolod City since politics is way muddier than an unkempt road in the sugarcane fields during the rainy season.

Gibo's Plan for Pork Barrel for Local Government Unit

While reading the article, I was thinking: this is actually a great plan because it will cut down middle-men (AKA Congressmen) in distributing funds. But then I remembered the danger of money when given to politician located in a very far and unknown area. I mean, just look at the Ampatuans. I'm sure they have billions everywhere because of the power they wield. Since they are in Mindanao, no one can easily check what they do. This is also true in other towns in Visayas and Northern Luzon. No one is there to audit what they do with the money.

Speaking of Mindanao:

Mindanao Now in the State of Calamity

If there's a specific part of the country that needs more help than anyone - it's the folks in Mindanao. Nature is under heat, literally, and its destroying crops. To deal with the problem, they declared a state of calamity.

Now, I fully support this decision because this will allow farmers or just about anyone in Mindanao access to the needed funds. But, how are they going to get these funds? Of course, they will have to approach a politician and these funds will be used to gain advantage in the election.

Any stories like these? Add the news in comments :)

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