Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Midnight Appointments – a Sign of Loopholes and Dirty Secrets

Appointing someone in the final days allowable is often seen as final political movements for survival. Forget about the welfare of the country, the decision is simply to get someone there that will help the politician’s cause in the future. If the person is really worthy of the position, they should have been there in the best possible moment. Getting someone there in the last few days (or hours) will only raise suspicion and questions.

The recent decision made by Malacañang to nominate Alfonso Yuchengco is one of those appointments that only raise questions rather than provide solution. Former Amb. Yuchengco was nominated as ambassador to Germany and the nomination was made 2 days before the 6-day banning period. Yahoo News actually has a great piece regarding this nomination. You’ll actually find some conspiracy theories that can be very scary because they editorial points to something obvious. The appointment might have been done to hide something. Fortunately, this nomination will most likely be void.

But who is Alfonso Yuchengco? He’s the head of one of the wealthiest families in the country and he is the head of Yuchengco Group of Companies including Pacific Plans which was highly controversial. He was also Ambassador to China, Japan and UN in the past. By the way, he’s already 87-years old. No disrespect for the elderly but with his wealth, he should be at home enjoying the presence of his grand kids while handing out scholarships and grants. Making him an ambassador today might still work but I think there are younger people who can be more agile than Yuchengco.

What do we need to learn from nominations? We should be listening closely to the news on radio and watch intently on TV. We should be vigilant and react to news that affects our country and future. Things like this can go through without our knowledge if we don’t keep a watchful eye.

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