Monday, March 29, 2010

An Open Letter to Loren Legarda

First of all, this letter is not to slam you. This is to give you a clear picture on where you’re standing and what you might need to do to have a better chance in this race. Why me? Because I’m your regular Filipino and what I see and hear is what millions also see and hear. I’m writing this in the open because I don’t know how to make sure you read this. So I just place this online so that a lot of people will read this and tell you about it.

Let me give you to you straight – Mar Roxas is leading in the polls and he has the best chance in the upcoming election. Again, let me reiterate: I am not for any politician. If the election is held today, I might end up writing my name on the ballot. To hell if they do not acknowledge what I wrote.

Why is Mar Roxas leading? Not because you are worst compared to him but because he came in the perfect timing. The keywords are PERFECT TIMING. He got married to one of the most popular journalists in the country and many laud him for stepping down for the sake of Noynoy. Personally, I think that’s a stupid idea because he has a fighting chance to be the next leader of the country. I think you will win if Mar did not step down. But the winds of change could be placing you in a bad position – all the time. Remember when you lost the VP elections to Noli De Castro? You were neck-to-neck in that battle.

I think Mar Roxas’ way of thinking can be compared to group chess tournament: why should I put myself in Board 1 where the competition is very fierce when I can go to Board 2 and win them all? See? You are not part of the factor but you were affected by his decision.

So is it over for you? Nope. There is still a fighting chance. Here are my suggestions and none of them are illegal. A bit tricky, yes, but you will not go to jail for these:

• Visayas is already on Mar Roxas so concentrate on other grounds – There are politicians who focus their ad spending on the areas where they will have the least vote. But this strategy is a bit hazy because people have already made their decision. What you can do though is to focus on NCR, Luzon and Mindanao so that you can get the most votes. Yes, you should still campaign in these regions but why fight the war where you’ll just lose?

• Be a bit gritty – I don’t say mudslinging but always COMPARE yourself: why are you better than Mar Roxas? As much as Mar Roxas can write a book why he is the best candidate, you can do the same or even more. Mudslinging makes you a dirty person but comparing yourself to candidates will make you better.

• Tell Manny Villar to include you in the jingle and campaign. I am sick of Manny Villar’s songs because I heard it too many times in my lifetime. Can you ask him to include your name in there? Ask him to change “Villar” with “Loren” to the jingle. The result will go like this – “Si Manny’t Loren ang magtatapos ng ating…” See? It still works.

These are some of the suggestions that could help you in this 2010 election. Nope, I’m not casting my support on your or on other candidates. It’s my way of getting the fight a bit even. We already had a lopsided battle with Pacquiao and Clottey and I don’t want to see that again this national election.


homes mn for sale said...

I agree to that! Very right.
Your jingles are annoying.

Karis said...

Yasay po ako.hehe.

sorry for the word pero nakakairita po ang pagkamelodramatic na pinoportray ni legarda sa commercial nya dun sa kantang "ang bayan ko'y tanging ikaw"

pahawak-hawak pa sa uhay...grrr...

Pinoy Politiko said...

@karis honesty - I haven't seen the commercial yet but I think she's too cheesy. She should show some teeth if she wants people to take her seriously.

Karis said...

di bagay ang patweetums nya.. it makes me vomit!