Sunday, March 28, 2010

A New Look and New Form of Content Coming Up

I would like to thank Google for finally noticing Blogger needs to change – and the new things they have introduced are pretty impressive. Now, I have three columns which will allow me to provide more content to you my visitors. For more than three months, my website has been faithfully visited by readers and the comments are very engaging. I learned so many things about politics because of my research required for this site and I will continue to do so even after elections.

But the information given here is only part of the information we’re planning to give out. For nearly one month, I have been setting up a podcast so that I can provide more information. For more information, check out these sites: (popular definition of the word) (huge database of podcasts)

I have placed a poll on the side and a few people are still learning about podcast. Basically, it’s a form of online show that you can download and LISTEN in your mp3 player. I’ll be discussing the biggest news of the week and provide some basic information regarding Philippine politics.

That’s it for now. Thank you very much for visiting the site. More posts are coming and your inputs are only pushing this site to better grounds.


Karis said...

ito lang ang blogsite (sa ngayon) na binabalik-balikan ko:)

very witty ang ang blogger. hindi di bias.

kakaiba din mga pinopost mo na picture ng bawat blog article..magiisip ka pano connected ang picture sa article.

Pinoy Politiko said...

Thanks Karis :) Your comments actually make me push the website for more. God Bless us all :)

Karis said...

pleasure is mine :)

re my post, napasobra ang type ko ng 'di' haha..what i meant was 'hindi bias'

i hope u took notice on my post about ur blog entry integrity and track record. i was a hoping for a reply from u there :)