Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ranking the Presidential Candidate's Official Websites

Prepare for a relatively long article.

A candidate without a website is like a candidate that doesn't have a mobile phone that contains contacts to millions worldwide. This is where the candidate can express his or her thoughts on certain issues and really boost his profile among the younger generation.

But not all websites are the same. Some are very impressive while others are not that updated. Mr. Vetellano Acosta - Sir, I suggest you set-up a website fast to prove your worth to the Filipinos. I'm sure you know someone who knows someone who can set-up a good looking site for you.

The websites will be evaluated in three categories (Information, Interaction and Aesthetics) and they will be ranked 1 to 5. 1 will be the worst and 5 would be best. Please note that this is my personal evaluation and these ranks are based on what I see on the site and not on who I support. (I still don't know who to vote for by the way).
So we start…hold on tight.

Erap Estrada


• Information: 5 - Almost everything is placed in this website. Check out his speeches that go way back to 2007.

• Interaction: 2 - There are two ways you can interact with the site. Write Erap and Forums. Unfortunately forums don’t seem to work in my browser.

• Aesthetics: 3 - there are still things this site can do to make it better.

Erap's website is definitely full of information and can be easily improved.

Noynoy Aquino


• Information: 5 - this website is at par with the former President's data. There's a sub-menu every time you click the main menu which provides detailed information on who he is, what he has done and what are his stands.

• Interaction: 4 - virtually everything you need to know if you want to help the candidate is here. There are blogs, twitter updates from followers, links to fan page in Facebook and even a poll to determine who wins the election.

• Aesthetics: 3 - I have to be honest, the website is a bit too long for me. I felt it's a blog (like this one) only with very interactive features.

Another great site. I can see updates while I browse and I should be able to see a lot of activities in the future.

John Carlos "JC" de los Reyes


• Information: 1 - the official website of Kapatiran is also the official website of their candidate. There is little information about the candidates and for some reason; the president's photo is not showing up.

• Interaction: 2 - if you look closely, there is the "Ang Kapatiran Blog" which offers links of blogs of some of the candidates. Unfortunately, Councilor de los Reyes do not have a blog.

• Aesthetics: 1 - is it just me or the flash on the homepage not working? I can't really recognize the other links and the says the page is hosted for free which means it has ads.

Get to work guys. You can do better than this.

Jamby Madrigal


• Information: 2 - Senator Madrigal has not updated her site. The latest press statement was dated December 1, 2009. The Profile is not that that extensive either. The only saving factor is the addition of statements, bills and resolutions.

• Interaction: 1 - there is only one interesting link I found in the site: free reflexology training but the last date filed was February 27, 2009.

• Aesthetics: 3 - I am reminded of the websites of Erap and Noynoy. They use a lot of border instead of exploring the entire area. But it looks good enough and the links are quite clear.

Someone should help Senator Madrigal on her site. A volunteer who can update the site would be nice.

Gibo Teodoro


• Information: 3 - my rate is mediocre because the information I was looking for is not that satisfying. I mean, where's the beef? I see the profile which is good but I notice that no additional information aside from a single page data about his past.

• Interaction: 5 - if you want interaction, you'll get interaction from this site. If I'm not mistaken, he is the only candidate who has a link in MySpace! The "My Views" and "Strategy" is also impressive as it provides detailed information on what he wants to do and issues on certain subjects.

• Aesthetics: 3 - What's with the large border people? Nearly 1/3 of the site is the green border.
A great site that was really planned out. Just wish the borders were reduced. We know you're green so no need to splash it.

Bro. Eddie Villanueva


• Information: 4 - the website offers a lot of information not just about the well known Pastor but also on his vision. You just have to dig deeper and click on the links to find out more.

• Interaction: 4 - raise your hand if you want to download Gloc 9's song for free. This is actually a great strategy for Bro. Eddie. There's also a toolbar at the bottom of the page which will allow you to translate and share. Twitter updates, videos from Youtube are added. Unfortunately, the Twitter was last updated 2 days ago and the Calendar link is a bit confusing because it doesn't contain any dates or schedule.

• Aesthetics: 3 - the border is no longer that wide but it's still there. I was enthusiastic about the site at first but the Calendar link discouraged me. The photos direct to Flickr page.

Great website but it can be better without being too flashy. Free downloads of Bro. Eddie's prayers and the official jingle is actually interesting.

(update: as pointed out by our readers, the link for prayer is actually a PDF type of flyer that provides info about Bro. Eddie. )

Manny Villar


• Information: 5 - the Senator's site is full of everything. Videos, Audio (his jingle plus minus one and lyrics) and articles can be found in this site. While there are some pages that lack the needed information, it's compensated by other parts of the page.

• Interaction: 4 - if there's a thing called too much interaction, it's this site. There's always the sign-up page and I don't know what's the reason you have to sign-up because it's never explained. Links to various interviews are added so there's a lot to watch in this site.

• Aesthetics: 4 - website gets too crowded that instead of providing some additional information on the site, it's just another link that will lead you to his ad or speech.
Sen. Villar's site is really impressive but I think the data has to be sorted a bit so that the information can be user friendly.

Richard Gordon


• Information: 3 - I was expecting a lot of laws and bills since he is in the senate for sometime now but I only found two which is a bit weird. His vision and profile is also a bit short and it doesn't deal with very specific actions.

• Interaction: 3 - The basics are there: Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. The interesting part is the blogger which leads to another website and there's a part where he proposes Kindle to schools! Cool! But other than that, nothing else got my attention.

• Aesthetics: 4 - I particularly like the streaming photos of the Senator and it's not too intrusive or pushy with data.

Sen. Gordon's page is great. But I think his blogspot is a lot more interesting. Go with the Kindle thing Senator!

Nicanor Perlas


• Information: 5 - everything you need to know about Nicanor Perlas is in his official site. Period. Although the writings only provide the titles, you will have a feel on the guy's advocacy and education.

• Interaction: 4 - there's a specific part of the page dedicated to the 2010 election and it comes with tons of information that you need to know about his plans for the country.

• Aesthetics: 4 - The website is clearly all about information on what he has done and what he can do for the country. But it has become a virtual list with no real message.

I could be mistaken but Nicanor Perlas' site is actually the most informative site compared to other candidates.

So what do you think? Who do you think has the best site and why. Again for Mr. Acosta - Tick, Tock Sir. Let the people know who you are online.


Noynoy said...

Due to the advancement in technology, more candidates will surely have their own websites and even campaign online. It reaches not only within the country but mostly to the rich OFWs abroad who are also entitled to vote as Absentee voters.

Reflecting Daily said...

You're right. It's a powerful medium that should be explored. That's why any national candidate who doesn't have a site is a bit of a trouble.

Karis said...

sir or mam... san sa website yung sinasabi mo na download ng prayers ni bro.eddie?
sana din po nabanggit nyo sa review nyo yung mga video links ng mga interview ni bro eddie and his avps.

thank you.

Reflecting Daily said...

Hi Karis :)

Here's the link:

Thanks for the head's up on the videos.

ebrio said...

Perlas' website is the clearly the most informative. Not only that, his ideas are the most creative and systematic. His writings go a long way back, as early as the 90's and he has always been consistent about his stand on participatory democracy and engaging government, business and civil society as equals for policy making. Have you seen his PLATFORM!!! It's the most comprehensive and strategic platform I have ever seen.

Reflecting Daily said...


I've seen his platform and it's very informative. I think the only candidate that rivals his details in platform is Gibo.

Karis said...

hindi naman po prayer yun. that's an information paraphernalia about Eddie Villanueva. please correct your blog entry na lang po so as not to mislead the readers.

thank you.

Reflecting Daily said...

Thanks for the head's up :)

Karis said...

thank you for the update. sana ganyan din ang mga broadsheets ka-open minded at hindi bias!

Bangon Pilipinas!

God bless the Philippines!

So help us God!

Reflecting Daily said...

No problem Karis :) we're pushing for openness and transparency in our country. That's why we interact with our readers :)

Stay tuned for more. Philippines Forever (because we're stuck in this beautiful country)!

Vetellano Acosta said...

Pano ba gumawa ng blogspot?

Reflecting Daily said...

Simply create google account and will allow you to create blogspot sites (Nice link, but you have to change it)

Philippine Senatorial Candidate 2010 said...

Great post! I enjoyed reading it. I'm just hope for a clean and safe election this 2010. And who ever wins as the race for presidency, I wish he/she can change our country from its current state.


Pinoy Politiko said...

Thanks Pia :) We all try to do something for the country. It's a grain of salt but I think it could make a difference.

noynoy luisita massacre said...

Due to the various kind of having a campaign online there are many viewers. It's right that it was the advantage in technology, that they use it for his personal appearance. Mahirap mag decide na president kung puro pag mamalinis lang ang sinasabi kahit sa mga online. Mag lalagay ng mga achievements nila,kaya lang,yun nga ba ay totoo.