Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Strategy for Winning the Election (by Nick)

(Editor's Note: this is post by Nicasio Umadhay. He's a teacher in Iloilo and has a vast experience in journalism.)

Presidentiables raise the hands of their local bets. That’s the usual picture. Everybody is happy.

The chances of winning of presidentiables depend much on the number of votes their local leaders deliver to them. These presidentiables have perhaps taken note that a new strategy has been developed by these local leaders during a presidential election. Their party hopping and jumping show that their main concern is funding for their own campaign.

This strategy makes them hit two birds with one stone. Use the party’s money for your campaign and win the election first of all for yourself. What a way to win! Make them raise your hands while you dig their pockets!

After elections we hear stories of local politicos who pocketed the party’s money and won while their national candidates lost.

Presidentiables know they could not win just with infomercials and mass media campaigns. In 2004, Prospero Pechay had the most campaign ads but he lost. He must have noticed that those who campaigned for him won.

Politicians know that in politics there are no permanent friends, only permanent interests. During elections the permanent, unchangeable interest is funding. For Trapos if you are able to have it you have a great chance of winning. If others can provide you with it, you hit a jackpot.

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