Friday, January 22, 2010

Track Record and Integrity

By: Nick

Erap as mayor was good. His performance as senator was very poor. As Vice President, he did his assignment as Anti-Organized Crime Czar was almost all for publicity. As President, he relied on his midnight cabinet and People Power II as well as his imprisonment for plunder gave him historical notes.

Gibo as congressman was just like other congressmen who join the amen hallelujah chorus for MalacaƱang. As Defense Secretary he performed well during natural disasters. Topping the Bar Exam gives him some points.

Flash Gordon has made several notable achievements as Olongapo Mayor, SBMA Chairman and Red Cross Chairman. As administration senator he performed his task as expected and showed some independence.

Manny Villar made a name for himself as a man who rose from rags to riches. As Congressman and Speaker of the house he also left a mark because of his impeachment speech. As Senator and Senate President the Sword of Damocles kept hanging over his head because of the C-5 controversy.

Noynoy Aquino as Congressman and Senator did nothing wrong. But it seems he also did nothing else. He becomes good when his parents are mentioned. Did not know he’d run for President and realized he has a mission to fulfill. He wants to do well and look this time. Kris Aquino would see to it that he does.

Eddie Villanueva preaches well. He is straightforward and persuasive. He knows how many sheep follows him. His moral crusade is changing the government.

The other presidentiables have yet to make themselves known.

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