Tuesday, February 09, 2010

First Day of National Campaign…an Afterthought

Before anything else, here's the rundown of the political parties who officially started their campaigns today for the 2010 Presidential Elections:

* Liberal Party (Aquino, Roxas) - Tarlac, Pampanga as Aquino's hometown.
* Nacionalista Party (Villar, Legarda) - Calamba, Laguna as Rizal's birthplace.
* Lakas Kampi CMD (Teodoro, Manzano) - Antipolo, Rizal because of it's geographically higher and a lucky place.
* Bagumbayan Party (Gordon, Fernando) - Imus, Cavite since Gordon's grandfather (Jose Tagle) started his revolution in this place.
* Estrada, Binay - Plaza Miranda, Quiapo to show his commitment to the poor.
* Bangon Pilipinas Party (Villanueva, Yasay) - Rizal Park to reveal the biggest Philippine Flag.

No News: Madrigal, Perlas (announced will start on Friday), de los Reyes, Acosta.

(Update: Sen. Madrigal opted to take things simpler - she attended a mass in Quiapo. If you have a Facebook account. You can view the photos here.)

Everyone wants to have some impact on their first day. These candidates clearly want to start strong to have a good momentum. For that reason, they wanted to start somewhere meaningful and can gather the most followers.

But if you ask me, the latter reason (most followers) is the reason why candidates chose these locations. The decision of Gordon, Fernando is a bit risky if they don't have enough peopel who will voluntarily come out and cheer for these candidates. This is also the same with Villar, Legarda; Aquino, Roxas; Estrada, Binay as well as Villanueva, Yasay. The reason of Teodoro and Manzano is frankly a bit weird because they opted to seek something lucky. If I give it a meaning, they are placing the country's future on luck and higher ground - maybe we'll be in Baguio and things will be better…or Mount Apo. If they told the media they want to start strong by starting in the party's strongest town, it could have been an honor for the town and its people.

To the rest of the candidates - be sure to have something big and set it on a date with meaning. Here's a tip: please don't do it on Sunday citing "Valentine's Day" because it's just stupid.

So what do you think? Are we off to a better start?

Image and Source from Philippine Star and Manila Bulletin


Karis said...

in your opinion kaninong candidate campaign kick-off made sense for this nation?

Pinoy Politiko said...

I choose two: Aquino and Villanueva. Both are actually symbolic because of their roots. Ninoy of course has to call on his ancestors while Bro. Eddie is known for his activism.

I can also site Gordon but his past is very obscure.

Karis said...

hmmmm.. so di ka pa din ba decided sino ang iboboto mong president?

Pinoy Politiko said...

@karis...not yet. Which scares me a bit because I still have to decide which VP, senators and local candidates should I consider.

Karis said...

pero have u streamlined ur choice already for the president position?

Pinoy Politiko said...

I'm looking for the values we need from a candidate. Our country is kinda messed up that we don't know the real answer to our many, many, many burning questions.

Karis said...

did u hear bro eddie at dzbb kaninang umaga interviewed by mike enriquez?

it is linked in his website broeddie.ph in case you didnt. :)

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