Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Unfortunate but True: Advertising is the Name of the Game

There are many ways to get your product promoted and patronized. You can either have a really good product and let word-of-mouth advertising improve your business or you can have massive advertising so that people will notice you exist and try your product. You can do both or you can focus on the latter if you want to save money on quality.

One of the hottest news today is about another text message that was claimed to be forwarded a few times (I didn't receive anything). The text message seemed to insult Dolphy for accepting a "bribe" for a whopping 30-million just to endorse Manny Villar. The text message also seemed to have insulted the actor's sons, daughters and grand kids. Atty. Adel Tamano, an NP candidate for senator released a statement condemning the supposed text message.

Honestly, I feel insulted writing about the reaction to this text message. Here are my reasons:

1. A candidate reacting to a measly text message is a sign that some of our candidates are not mature enough to deal with bickering. Politics is not a walk in the park and everyone will try to find holes to debase everyone. Again these are just text messages and they are directed to an actor who didn't seem to care about the messages.

2. Getting actors as endorsements simply means our candidates have become another product. As already said in my introduction, people will spend a lot on their product to be noticed and patronized. It's also a bit insulting to us Filipinos since they are thinking "if Dolphy comes out recommending this candidate, everyone else will do". I think Dolphy would vote for Manny Villar but I don't should everyone else.

Candidates, please do something about your advertisements. Instead of going the easy way by getting actors and actresses to do a commercial about you, spend that money to lay out what you are planning for the country. For God's sake you write too many things in your websites so why don't you read them in a commercial? Not everyone can access the internet so read some of the things you're planning to do on TV. It's even cheaper since you don't need an actor to read the message.

Here's an idea: go to the Pasig River and speak in front of the camera how you will change the place into it's former glory. You can also go to the dumpsters, squatters, red light districts or any place that speaks "poverty and desperation" at first glance. Tell us a very, very specific plan how you will implement these changes. This is a good way to show to the people your plans and aspirations to the country. I don't care if your commercial shows people holding hands.

Yes, your commercial could be boring but believe me - there are millions of voters who will listen to what you will say. Advertising is not just endorsement, it's also getting the right message out.

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Karis said...

yung idea mo sa commercial sa pasig river mejo naging konsepto sya nun commercial ni noynoy na may mga background ng mahihirap na lugar...