Friday, February 12, 2010

A Message to The World: Global Warning or Not, We Have to do Something

(Note: I like talking about politics but I care more about nature. Why? Without nature, there would be no politics. It just makes sense. So here it goes)

I can't believe what I'm seeing online. For the past few days, the Northeast portion of the USA is covered in snow. The people are having a really hard time dealing with this condition. Although snow do happen in the area, it's quite devastating this time. Lots of people are affected by this weather condition.

But that's not what I'm complaining about. I know the US government is a lot better than us here when it comes to this type of problem. Yes, I read some fiasco about help in Katrina but things could have been worst. I mean, place the same situation here and millions could be still suffering.

What I'm complaining about is the question asked by some people regarding global warming. To sum their complaints, it goes this way, "if it's global warming, how come it's very cold in the Northeast USA?". I can't believe I'm about to talk about this but there are people who can't seem to understand how the weather works GLOBALLY.

Don't just say that there is no global warming in your area because it's cold. Come down here and experience the increasing heat everyone has to endure. Global warming is not just about hot weather conditions, it's about EXTREME weather conditions. A few decades ago, the weather was just tolerable weather it's hot or cold season.

Of course, you can rationalize that it could another "cycle" the world is going through. But don't you think this cycle will eventually kill us? It's a very disturbing thought that we are not part of survivors in the next millennium simply because Earth is about to change. If you use this rationalization, you just created a game that you can't win.

That is why I believe in global warming. By believing in this scenario, I can force myself to do something about the environment. This means I am part of the game and I have a chance to win. If I play my cards right, the world will not be so hot or too cold for our children and children children…ad infinitum.

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