Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Look at the Senatorial Candidate's Website (Part 1)

Honestly, I don't know a lot about our current senatorial candidates. And as a person who sits in front of the computer for more than 12 hours a day, all my information comes from the internet. So it's always a big plus for me if the candidate has an official website rather than getting things from Wikipedia or other sources.

But not every senatorial candidate has a website (maybe for now). Obviously, we'll skip them and we'll look for the first 5, in alphabetical order, the candidates who has an official website.

Please let me know if I skip a candidate :)

Neric Acosta (

Information: 5 - Neric Acosta's website is very simple but has a lot of information and articles on what he thinks about a certain topic, legislation and platform. This really helps because it's a big jump for the guy as he's a former Congressman gunning for the rare 12 seats.

Interaction: 3 - Not much can be done on the site except to read the articles, watch some videos and click on links to the site of LP, Noynoy, Mar and a Volunteer movement. Oh, there's a catchy jungle in the lower right side.

Aesthetics: 3 - it's not the best website in the world but it's very readable and easy to understand.

Conclusion: a good enough website for those who wanted to learn more about the candidate.

Martin Bautista (

Information: 3 - There are many things everyone needs to know about this guy. After all, he just came back to the country to help us as a Senator. That's a tall order and unfortunately, the website doesn't provide a lot of help. The blogs are quite extensive but aside from reaction to the news, nothing more. There is a small profile that will want the reader to seek for more.

Interaction: 3 - If you really dig in the website, you'll most likely find his Twitter and Facebook page. but aside from that, nothing more.

Aesthetics: 2 - The homepage is too long and the links to know more about him are simply additional links to site and they are located in the right side and in smaller fonts.

Conclusion: More information about the candidate (not just reactions) could be added to the site and a little revamp would do.

Ruffy Biazon (

Information: 5 - what you need to know about the guy you can get it here. He even posted his CV (aka Resume) in the website for everyone to scrutinize. One thing that caught my attention: he posted his speeches, resolutions and anything that he has done in the congress for the past 9 years.

Interaction: 4 - he has a forum which, unfortunately, do not have any posts yet. Links to his blogs, wordpress, Friendster and Facebook are also provided. His email address as well as official office address is even included.

Aesthetics: 4 - Maybe it's just me but the site seems a bit too imposing on other links. They do have great content but it is limited by the links to other sites.

Conclusion: great website for anyone who wants to know more about the candidate. Hopefully, his forums will have some questions for us to read.

Pia Cayetano (

Information: 5 - if you are asking for an information overload about a candidate, go to this site. But we're not complaining as the more information we can get, the better. Very extensive provide, information on what she did while in power and reactions to recent news.

Interaction: 5 - Sen. Cayetano's site is one of the rare political website that has a lower bar (like Facebook used to have). The bar allows you to click on various links including Twitter and Youtube videos.

Aesthetics: 3 - the color is ok but I think the website has placed too many things that it can't cater to everything. Still;, it's a great looking website.

Conclusion: this is Sen. Cayetano's personal blurt site which means you will know her personally when you follow this website. (P.S. She has other websites and the links are on her webpage)

(Note: for some reason, Bong Revilla Jr. was placed on my first 10 alphabetical list which is weird but I guess it happens on MS Excel sometimes)

Bong Revilla Jr. (

Information: 4 - my feelings are mixed with this one. I can learn more about the candidate especially his past life. It's a great article as it has mixed his life as an actor and a politician. But his current take on latest news is nowhere to be found. The latest info I can find is the Halili-Kho case which is already ages ago.

Interaction: 2 - it has some great points especially they placed some videos and resolutions on the past congress. But aside from the links, nothing more.

Aesthetics: 3 - the website looks the same compared to other candidates so you'll never be excited at first glance.

Conclusion: It's a good looking site but nothing new to offer.

Stay tuned for part 2!

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