Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Look at Senatorial Candidate's Website (Part 3)

We continue looking at the senator's website. In this article, we'll be scrutinizing the website's of Alexander Lacson, Raul Lambino, Regalado Maambong, Bong Bong Marcos and Liza Maza.

Alexander Lacson (

Information: 5 - it's quite difficult for a candidate to provide almost every possible information about him so that he or she can gather votes. But this website clearly provides ample data about Alexander Lacson. If you're patient, you can read extensive articles writing by and about the candidate.

Interaction: 5 - A good website is highly accessible and doesn't require the user to wait for the data needed. Somehow, the major tabs that provides a preview looked great and easy to use.

Aesthetics: 4 - I'm still bothered why web designers have to provide a wide border in the side. This is the only I'm complaining as everything else is easily laid out. The links could have been placed in the right or left side of the website instead of the border.

Overall, a very informative website that's easy to understand and navigate.

Raul Lambino (

Information: 3 - I could have provided a higher score but all I have read was news on where he went (including his twitter posts). Unfortunately, this is not a travel website. The theme "Feel ko and Pinagdaanan Mo" is quite cliche.

Interaction: 3 - there's a slide show on the latest news, Facebook and Twitter. Although quite extensive and interactive for those who wanted to follow the candidate, not much is happening. The rating could have been higher but the forum doesn't have any posts except the welcome message for the programmer.

Aesthetics: 4 - one thing that I noticed about the site is that the font is a bit bigger which is why you need to scroll a bit more. But this is actually better compared to smaller fonts in other websites.

A good looking site but the data is not that extensive as it doesn't provide more about the candidate.

Regalado Maambong (

Information: 3 - the website can be compared to Lambino's website since the data provided is actually interesting but it will leave you wanting for more. As someone who has worked in the government for many years there should have been more with regards to what he has actually done.

Interaction: 2 - the only redeeming factor are the interesting links regarding law and election. The twitter link is not actually a real personal link so I assume it was only placed there for aesthetic purposes.

Aesthetic: 2 - looked ok but a lot more could have been done to improve it's look. The only good part of the website is the front page.

You have to give credit to the candidate for setting up a website. Maybe he should give advice to his presidential candidate to set-up something online so that he can increase his visibility.

Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr (

Information: 4 - there are good amount of data that can be read. But as I've already pointed out - if you have been in the office for many years, your web page should be as extensive as the encyclopedia.

Interaction: 5 - the site has a few interesting links and data. Youtube and free downloads of his jingle is never lacking. Additional websites such as Imee's website and another website of Bongbong is included.

Aesthetics: 4 - the website looked great but the fonts are very small. This is very common but it can easily hurt someone's eye especially the articles are long.

Good looking site with interesting links but we need more data and the font should be bigger.

Liza Maza (

Information: 4 - the data provided is good as it provides a background for the candidate. But as part of the congress, I think they should have placed her speeches on the site

Interaction: 5 - the power of social networks especially YouTube is used is here. She even has something unique: a ning web page which is rare for the candidate. Her twitter feed is also active which is also impressive.

Aesthetics: 4 - Although the combination of white font on tabs, red border and pink background might look good, it might not work for everyone.

A relatively good site. Take note of her twitter page as the updates are more related to her work rather than the places she has visited during the election campaign.


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